Tuaca Liqueur

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Tuaca Liqueur
70cl / 35%
A premium amber-gold Italian liqueur made with brandy, vanilla essence and citrus fruits and said to originate from a 16th century recipe by Lorenzo di Medici.
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More Details:
CountryItalyFlavourCitrus Fruit & Vanilla
Customer Reviews:(9 reviews)
I had it served with warmed cloudy apple juice (what Americans call "Apple cider" but NOT our sort of cider!) and squirty whipped cream on top - called an "Apple Pie" and amazing on a cold day!
- anonymous, 13th January
Just tried it in Brighton for the first time last night... Top night, say no more!
- anonymous, 12th Feb '12
first tried this @ relentless boardmasters 2011 tried it wiv apple juice over ice. but even better severed wiv chai tea syrup, fresh squeezed orange & a dash of lemon over ice - get to combine my two fav things starbucks & booze lol
- anonymous, 21st Sep '11
Anonymous, I believe it's that popular in Brighton because it was launched there - they have a fake 'blue plaque' on the wall outside a bar in Kemptown where it was first unveiled.
- TWE Admin, 17th Mar '11
I tried this in Brighton and loved it! Does anyone know if it can be bought in Dublin, ireland??? Why is it so popular in Brighton??
- anonymous, 15th Mar '11
I first tried this when Thresher's had it on special offer. Since thresher's closed I have been searching for this. It has a smooth taste that makes you keep going back for more.
- Lorna, 28th Nov '10
- anonymous, 18th Feb '10
Perfect in a hip flask, vanilla, honey and pewter. Sweet but not too sweet it works very well on it's own or, as I tried in Brighton, ice cold. I was even recommended to try it on my porridge, not bad! It's just a brilliant great drink.
- Ian L, Victoria, 2nd Dec '08
Not heard of in Guernsey! Tried all the stockist. Is this liqueur new?
- Delia Moorey, 13th Dec '07
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