Unicum Liqueur

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Unicum Liqueur
50cl / 40%
One of Hungary's national drinks - Zwack - a dark and bitter liqueur full of herbs and spices, perfect to sip chilled after a long dinner or as an aperitif to awake the appetite.
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Customer Reviews:(24 reviews)
I think that this stuff would go down a treat for a youngster's night out on the toon!
- Desmond le lewis, 12th Jul '11
There is only one thing better than unicum in Hungary - Gabbo
- anonymous, 18th Apr '11
nagyon fasza ital ez :)
- attila, 27th Mar '11
As a lover of Green Chartreuse, Stroh, and Krepkaya, I heartily recommend it. Not for the bland palate, however. This should be piped to one's house, like water
- Mort, G2JL, 31st Jan '11
My neighbour gave me this to try as I had a tummy upset. It works!!! An aquired taste but I like it. I think it is a herb called Gentian that gives it the bitter taste but if you can get used to that it is a warming concoction that is definately good for the tummy! Watch the alcohol content though!!!!!!!
- SusieQ3, 8th Nov '10
absolutley love this stuff but people should try palinka:D thats another fantastic hungarian drink
- magyar kurva:P lol, 26th Sep '10
Absolutely wonderful... I fell in love with Unicum at the first taste. It's like... nature, distilled and perfected and bottled, a pure blast of wild forest, ambushing the tastebuds and making one feel that one is lying on leaf-litter beneath a starry sky... unique and beautiful.
- Grant Melville, 31st Aug '10
A Hungarian recommended Unicum to me; I bought a tiny bottle in Budapest. Hungarians always told me it was used for stomach upsets. I tried it for that at home--think I actually had anxiety. Anyway, one small liqueur glass is sufficient. I find the taste just fine and my stomach felt better. I can't imagine making "a night of it" with Unicum. It's not for that!
- K, 15th May '10
It's like Marmite...you'll love it or you'll hate it...I'm lovin it!!!And got at least 28 herbs inside...
- Jack, 19th Apr '10
I absolutely love it. Guess cos I'm Nigerian and had 2 drink herbal mixtures wen I was a kid.
- Tunde, 9th Mar '10
hold tight because you are in for a wild night this stuff is amazing.
- anonymous, 17th Feb '10
Helped polish off a bottle of this stuff at a mate's hungarian night. Was sent home in a taxi wearing slippers and carrying a bucket. You have been warned.
- anonymous, 27th Jan '10
Unicum should not be seem as a drink - more of a medicine. Taste approximates to the following: take 1 smelly polyester football/rugby sock - fill it full of old cig ends and steep in Veno's for a couple of years - add some meths, squeeze into bottles and sell as Unicum. However, if you are feeling a bit peaky it is like drinking the magic potion in Asterix books - I always have a bottle in the booze cupboard and have a shot a day in the winter. I am 97 years old.
- Uncle Dikkie, 24th Jan '10
It tastes like fortified ear wax. Revolting stuff. I have a bottle at home that I get out to make guests leave
- anonymous, 22nd Jan '10
Cool stuff!i love it!
- Rumen Radanov, 18th Jan '10
First drank this when I spent some time in Miscolk. One of our party said it was "what the men sipped", so we gave it a try. It tastes like a mixture of cough medicine and liquorice - not too bad. Took a few bottles home as novelty presents for friends and family (entertaining to see the reactions on people's faces!.
- Dan, 31st Dec '09
absolutly discusting i felt terrible the next moring (not a hangover it stays in your tummy)you still taste it days after dont buy it or drink it the first taste is nice after that i would rather drink vinager.
- anonymous, 19th Dec '09
Good burn julian
- Gabe, 18th Aug '09
my wife is hungarian and this stuff is as hot as she is
- julian, 7th May '09
recently went to budapest in nov08 and as a female i made this my start my evening drink and i ended my night with unicum bought several bottles home with me. my number 1 choice.
- kim, 10th Dec '08
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