Macallan 10 Year Old / Fine Oak

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Macallan 10 Year Old / Fine Oak
70cl / 40%
Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
Matured in Bourbon & Sherry Oak Casks. This range has been around for a few years now and seems to have weathered the storm it caused amongst the faithful when it was initially released. "The Fine Oak range is...more approachable, and has the potential to be embraced by a greater percentage of whisky drinkers....cutting back on the sherry reveals more of the Macallan spirit, which is first-class." John Hansell, Malt Advocate Magazine
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Customer rating (23 reviews)
More Details:
CountryScotlandRegionSpeysideBottlerDistillery BottlingBottling StatusDiscontinuedAge10 Year Old
Tasting Notes:
Producer's Tasting Notes
Colour: Pale Straw.

Nose: Complex, with hints of fruit and heather honey.

Palate: Soft, with a maltiness, balanced with oak and fruit.

Finish: Lingering with hints of oak and fruit.

Comment: Our unfaltering obsession with selecting the finest casks and distilling sublime spirit brings an unsurpassed, timeless quality to The Macallan. The unique combination of Bourbon and Sherry oak casks produces a particularly smooth, delicate and light whisky.
Customer Reviews:(23 reviews)
Something Special For Under £50 This Is Amazing, I Got This In A Wooden Box... The Smell.... I Appreciate This Well & Truly!
- George, 20th July
Macallan 10 Year Old / Fine Oak: Unadventurous. Brittle. You'll need your clearest nose and clean palate to pull out any fleeing flavors and a finish that runs away before you can switch on ujjayi breathing. I've tried on many different occasions. Most neglected bottle. For same money, I get a better experience elsewhere.
- Aldwyn, 1st May
Nose: Heavy wood and sherry, toffee Palate: A lot of walnut, a bit of fruit and plenty of oak Finish: Smooth and lingering. Good balance A great balance and the first time I’ve experienced this combination of fruit and walnut. But maybe it’s just me.
- Cosmin Marginean, 21st Dec '13
As smooth as they come. One of my favorite malts.
- Rick., 5th Nov '12
A lovely, mild, warming Scotch. Fantastic price, this will not disappoint. I completely agree with Big Als' comment about sweet dough on the palette! Lovely stuff...
- Joe Mc, 30th Dec '11
a nice smooth whisky for "newbies" (like me) for a great price! loved every drop of it last year and just ordered more of it, also more from Macallan
- Joe from Germany, 15th Dec '11
I am no expert and don't do tasting notes but for me it wasn't bad, just a bit boring
- Allan, 7th Dec '11
New bottle, new review. Its got the woody flavor I like, it even seems a little darker than before! Not as 'silky' smooth as I remember, but expressive. Has a nice kick with a reasonable aftertaste. Tastes to me of cocoa powder, and pineapple, some sherry. I like pairing this with a rich home-cooked meal more than by itself though. I'd drink it straight and warm. Not bad.
- Steve, 1st Dec '11
stunning whisky for the price. the sherry oak will blow u away. macallan is the best by a mile for me
- matt, 21st Oct '11
This is nice. undilluted It has a delicacy that is backed with an underlying power that somehow reasures its quality. wonderfull deep butterscotch, burnt caramel nose repeats itself on the pallet joined by hints of lemon curd and sweet dough. Topped off with a pleasant mouth burn that just starts to show chilli then falls back to butterscotch. I love it.
- big Al, 30th Jun '11
I'm torn on this. It's very pleasent and drinkable, but it's not the spectacular experience I expected. Maybe i'm just being too picky. I'd buy it again certainly.
- anonymous, 29th Dec '10
I have 10 whiskeys in my cupboard at any one time, and prefer this to many more expensive whiskeys I may have open. Cracking whisky for a cracking price.
- Paul, 22nd Nov '10
Yep I completely recognize what Steve experienced.I would have to agree with his comment.
- O.H.Draw, 23rd Jun '10
I don't like this Whisky. It tastes more like a White Wine to me than Scotch. Tastes bitter and heavy of oak.
- Ian, 27th May '10
This whisky is decent, I made back-to-back purchases but then there were others. What I like about this malt is the fresh yeast or dough taste and it seems buttery. What I don't like is that there is this pine taste which disagrees, and its a bit on the dry side.
- Steve, 19th Mar '10
I wasn't that impressed by this, it's not in any way a bad whisky but to me it just seemed a bit bland and lacks character.
- Smithery-Baggins, 30th Dec '09
Nice one Camilla. though his tastes in whisky are perfect unlike your horse face.
- Mv., 17th Dec '09
Given Prince Charles's taste in Women Mr Coles then that is hardly a recommendation!
- Camilla - windsor, 16th Dec '09
Just tried the Fine Oak 10 years and its delicious. Cant wait to try some of the sherry oak varieties. Macallan has to be one of the best makers
- anonymous, 19th Nov '09
The Macallan is one of the most easy malts to drink. The 15yr old is simply stunning. If you havnt tried it yet then go now and buy a bottle. I promise you will fall in love with it.
- D.Scott., 24th Jun '09
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