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70cl / 43%
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Smokehead is a popular single Islay malt from Ian Macleod distillers. Debate has raged over the identity of the distillery which supplies the whisky for Smokehead. We know, but we're not telling.
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Customer rating (32 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(32 reviews)
sawdust, tyre rubber and slightly sweet. Great Dram but maybe needs extra few years in the cask for more complexity. lovely!
- Rob, 27th July
I feeling is either laphroaig or caol ila. It's a lovely whiskey none the less, oily sweet peat. Hmmmm. And in my opinion better than the extra rare!
- Kwaai, 17th Sep '13
I have this one and also "The Peat Project" by Port Charlotte (I think that's also from Bruichladdich), and those 2 have a lot of similarities. They're both a bit seaweedy, have the same light color, the sweet undertones. I can't really believe it's an Ardbeg, even though a lot of people say this, since it doesn't have that industrial (read: car-tire flavour) edge to it.
- Basvandergraaff, 10th Jun '13
"Palate" (undiluted): A kiss of sweet peat, but thin with a hints of water, chimney smoke, soot and ginger root. Young. Not complex. Pleasant nevertheless.
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 5th Feb '13
Represents good value for money, though I was expecting more smoke. A good Wednesday night scotch.
- anonymous, 17th Dec '12
- VIJAY PAREKH, 5th Dec '12
This is one of my favourite whikies of all time. My mouth is watering at the thought of it. Absolutely beautiful. Bruichladdie is my preferred guess, although they dont tend to be as smoky as the other Islays. Who knows? Who cares? As long as I can still have a wee half of the "golden nectar." when relaxing and unwinding. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm lovely stuff, Aaahhhh. slangevar
- Stewart from Larbert (Big Stoo), 2nd Nov '12
It's a young Ardbeg - I asked that nice lady in the lovely Ardbeg cafe whether they made it there and she gave me a nice smile and a wink. Or was she leading me on? I'm not sure. Or it could be from further down the windy road at Lagavulin? Could be. Or Laphroaig? Ummmm could be again. Bowmore? Perhaps, they wouldn't let on, but probably not. Bruichladdie? Caol Ila? Who cares? Not me. I'll just keep on drinking the stuff knowing it could be from Heaven.
- anonymous, 12th Jan '12
This smells like Ardbeg but has the delivery of a Lagavulin. Or is it Caol Ila? Or an 'unusualy heavily peated Bunnahabhain'? I personally vote for a young Lagavulin, but who knows.
- Equity, 31st Dec '11
Just bought the 'Smokehead Extra Rare' on the ferry for an amazing £29 for 1L. Almost worth the price of the ferry for this travel exclusive gem.Is there much difference between the two? Never tried this original but am very keen.
- anonymous, 25th Aug '11
Who cares its bloody lovely
- anonymous, 9th Aug '11
and what are those clues? would you like to share? :)
- anonymous, 6th Jul '11
Look at the clues, it's easy work out where this is from.
- anonymous, 2nd Jul '11
get real can only be Caol Ila and young at that....
- anonymous, 8th Jun '11
Never tried anything like - 've been drinking whisky only fpr 7 years, but it is my favorite one, it just is to live and to die for...
- Kuba, 8th Mar '11
Ardbeg it is... through glengoyne...strange links...very rare edition... Fantastic for peat lovers (as myself)
- K_Lamont, 20th Sep '10
It's Laphroaig, no question about it. Too sweet for me, like almost all Laphroaigs.
- Mikko, 3rd Sep '10
Just grabbed one from World of whiskies duty free after they offered me a "here try this" sample. I was very surprised... it' s mighty big for 40%!! It reminds me of The Whisky Exchange's own delicious LG1, especially on the nose...which is why, against all odds, I'd plump for young Lagavulin!Well, we know it's not from Ireland! Anyway, lovers of the "official" high street Islay malts should try this! It's "the same", but very different...
- Reggaeblues from Reggate, Surrey, 16th Jul '10
this one is big, powerful BEAUTIFUL! Only for peat and smoke lovers like myself:)
- dasir, 26th Jun '10
One of my absolute favourites! Took a chance at the duty free and I'm not sure I would have If i'd read the above posts however.....if you're a fan of peat and smoke (common characteristics of an ISLAY whisky) then ignore the heavy metal exterior and give it a go.
- Drammy Paul, 2nd Jun '10
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