Monin Gingerbread Syrup

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Monin Gingerbread Syrup
A fabulous sweet ginger syrup from Monin. As this tastes almost exactly like liquid ginger snaps, with a lovely sweet cinnamon kick, it's perfect for chocolatey or coffee-flavoured cocktails, as well as in cakes or on ice cream. Scrummy.
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Customer Reviews: (4 reviews)
In Selfridges in London there is a champagne bar and they use about a half ounce of Pain d'Epices in very dry champagne which is fabulous. I carted back several bottles of Pain d'Epice last time there.
- anonymous, 3rd Nov '13
I am so addicted to this but unfortunately they only seem to stock it at christmas at Star bucks so i'm definitely going to buy a bottle and it works out a lot cheaper
- anonymous, 16th Feb '10
been drinking this in Costa Coffee for some time - now decided to buy a bottle as it is much cheaper!
- anonymous, 18th Dec '09
this really is just like drinking a gingerbread cookie.. i cannot explain how addicted i am to this now! if a gingerbread flavour is what your looking for, you definitely will not be disappointed!
- anonymous, 31st Oct '08
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