Black & White

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Black & White
70cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
Famous old blend containing a high proportion of quality grain whisky. James Buchanan apparently got the idea for the brand on his way home from a dogshow - and the rest is history...
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Customer Reviews:(26 reviews)
Totally agree with Edu Kleyn. Maybe the most underrated blend on earth and absolutely great value for money. Smoke, sweetness and oily palate in perfect balance. Just one small step away from greatness... including all single malts I have ever tasted. Fantastic. Trygve Roos, I have never seen this in finnish Alko. Unfortunately, only way is to smuggle.
- Mikko, 19th March
Taste is a personal opinion, but when it comes to value for money Black and White must be right up there,the grainy and smokey taste is one of a kind,as a whiskey drinker of more than 40 years i can recommend this whiskey to any Whiskey drinker
- Edu Kleyn, 4th Sep '13
When I was young, this was my favorite whisky, nowadays you cannot buy it in Finland anymore, unfortunately.
- Trygve Roos, DPhil, 15th Jul '13
Excellent stuff
- Michael, 3rd Nov '12
Quite a nice flavor scotch smooth and little smokey. very difficult to find in America - Number one selling whisky in Trinidad
- anonymous, 21st Aug '12
- anonymous, 5th Feb '12
for that price i prefers others, like FG, Ballantines or dewars
- ignatius, 12th Aug '11
I think this stuff is gorgeous.
- Dave, 11th Jul '11
The best so far!
- Tom, 9th Jul '11
This is mighty fine stuff
- Dave, 13th Jun '11
it is very good
- giji paul, 20th Apr '11
i tried it first time in poland, i tried to find it in england but could not find it no where..everytime i go to poland or someone comes from there i ask them to bring one for me. its cheap there and but not easily available. its nice taste i like it smooth with some soda/sparkling water and few ice good strong taste of a proper scotch.
- NIKUNJ, 9th Apr '11
I remember it from way back in 1964, it is very good for cleaning out drains, that's where mine went
- Keith, 7th Apr '11
i am trying it for the first time. It has a 'smoky' taste and feels good to the tongue. It is certainly good value for money. I live in England but am in Paris at the moment. I understand from the Wikipedia that it is the most successful whisky in France. I am beginning to like it!
- Mistry, 18th Feb '11
best stuff on earth
- anonymous, 3rd Feb '11
- STOCKTON CA, 17th Nov '10
tastes like tequila! Sorry, not great at all.
- Catherine, 15th Nov '10
Very much enjoyed this dram when I tried it a few months ago. Lighter and sweeter than JW Black or Teachers but with a fuller malty flavour than J
- kelly, 2nd Nov '10
Es un exelente producto, estoy conociendo de a poco todo este maravilloso mundo del whisky y tengo suerte con elecciones como black
- Horacio, 30th Jun '10
Love the stuff here in Spain, so much so we now have the dogs to go with it!!
- Debbie, 13th Jun '10
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