Knockeen Hills Poteen

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Knockeen Hills Poteen
50cl / 90%
At a staggering 90% ABV, this remarkable quadruple-distilled spirit should NEVER be consumed neat and only one 25ml measure should be consumed in any 24-hr period. Useful as a float for cocktails. SILVER MEDAL (Best in Class) winner, 2006 International Wine and Spirit Competition.
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Customer rating (15 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(15 reviews)
Really powerful if taken near but oh so good!!!
- Christopher, 22nd June
This surprised me. Found it in an liquor store in Massachusetts. Was expected something like Everclear and was happy to get something much better. Kept it chilled in a freezer (it does not solidify) and added a chip of ice in a shot glass. Really not bad at all (for you Americans, that means "it is really very good"). Mind you his US offering is only 160° proof. It is a lot easier on you than strong unflavored Vodkas.
- Liam, 1st Jul '13
The 90% stuff should not be drunk neat. Nearly pure spirits like strong póitín, moonshine or 190 proof Everclear will damage the tissues of the esophagus and other parts of the gastrointestinal tract. Mix it, or get the 120 or at most the 160 proof version if you want to drink it straight.
- Séamas Breathnach, 25th Aug '12
Tried this at the Limburg Whisky Fair. A fantastic vanilla/bluberry after taste. Not at all harse or "explosive".
- anonymous, 26th Jun '12
this stuff would take the fur off a running bear
- anonymous, 10th Dec '11
my grandads home brew is almost as good as this but for a commercial poteen it aint half bad. drink with caution!
- anonymous, 4th May '11
looking forward to trying this outalso its 4.5 units in one shot for this drink
- anonymous, 28th Mar '11
Next to the real Poteen ( which you can even compare) It has a nice after taste. I say go for the real thing first, but that is illegal so the next best thing is Knocking hills.
- anonymous, 14th Mar '11
Why only one 25ml measure per 24 hours? That amounts to 2.25 UK units - well within the recommended limits for an adult. The body doesn't know it's stronger, once it's been absorbed - it's all about the amount of alcohol you consume, not its initial abv.
- scyrene, 12th Dec '10
does not think my brother could handle this
- graham, 22nd Nov '10
- anonymous, 2nd Oct '10
stick some coke in it an she tastes better than vodka.
- P, 29th Jun '10
I just Got a bottle of this as a gift (or prank, I'm not sure)! After the initial kick (and my god does it have one) it have the nicest aftertaste I have ever had from a neat spirit! Try it if you can find it!
- anonymous, 8th Jul '09
Take it easy and your rewarded with a nice vanilla esque aftertaste. More than just rocketfuel!
- eelpie, 18th Feb '08
WOW!! This stuff taken neat numbs your taste buds and evaporates in your mouth. Go Easy
- Woodhill, 1st Nov '07
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