Black & White / Bot.1960s / Spring Cap

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Black & White / Bot.1960s / Spring Cap
75cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
A bottle of Black & White Blended Whisky. James Buchanan created the brand in the 19th century. This particular example was (we estimate) bottled in the 1960s.
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Customer Reviews:(2 reviews)
I have a bottle of this in my pub. It was bottled in 1957, and I'm slowly enjoying it. Surprisingly smooth for a blend, it begs the question: has it acquired smoothness during its 50 years in the bottle, or were blends all that time ago smoother than they are now that manufacturers have introduced more mechanisation to the process?
- whothefox, 28th Jul '10
A fine whiskey! I am a single malt drinker and someone gave me an old bottle of Black
- anonymous, 14th Mar '10
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