Royal Brackla 1924 / 60 Year Old

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Royal Brackla 1924 / 60 Year Old
75cl / 40%
Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
A true rarity - as well as being incredibly old, this bottle was never officially released for general sale. The remains of a batch bottled in crystal for the Japanese market in 1984, these bottles were given to staff and guests at an event to commemorate the re-opening of the distillery in the early '90s.
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More Details:
CountryScotlandRegionHighlandBottlerDistillery BottlingBottling StatusDiscontinuedAge60 Year OldVintage1924
Customer Reviews:(5 reviews)
Whisky doesn't ferment, malt does, then it's distilled and then it's aged. It doesn't ferment in the cask. :D
- anonymous, 21st Feb '13
Scotch, like any other liquor, doesn't age any more once it's bottled. So a 60 year old Scotch will never be any more than a 60 year old Scotch, no matter how many years it sits in your basement. The fermentation stops once a liquor is bottled. Which is why these types of Long Aged Liquors fetch so much money... because the actual company who makes it has to take the time and storage out of making other batches to keep this on hold, fermenting.
- Billy Carlyle, 11th Mar '12
No, for it to be a 147 year old Scotch, barreled in 1924, it would have to be bottled in 2071. Think you got your math wrong. That year is way in the future. Being your post was last year, 2011, you might could have looked at it as an 87 year old Scotch... being that's how many years it's been since it was barreled, but that too would be incorrect.
- Billy Carlyle, 11th Mar '12
Not quite, it would have been barrelled in 1924, making it 60 in '84 when they bottled it. I think it would fetch a bit more if it was nearly 150 years old ;)
- anonymous, 30th Jul '11
So...if this was 60 years old in 1924, it is now 147!? One of two things will happen when you drink it: You may die instantly...or you will be blessed with eternal life, heh.
- Anthony E. Stark, 6th Jun '11
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