Bacardi Rum 8 Year Old Millennium / Baccarat Crystal

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Bacardi Rum 8 Year Old Millennium / Baccarat Crystal
75cl / 40%
A limited edition Baccarat crystal decanter, handfilled with a special sherry-finish version of Bacardi 8 year-old- this is a genuine collector's item.
(£832.50 ex. VAT)
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Customer Reviews:(3 reviews)
There is a good currency converter here: Please bear in mind that it will only give you a rough idea of the conversion, as your bank will have its own rate. If you want to be more accurate, just contact your bank and ask them what £849 would work out as if you were to spend it on your card.
- anonymous, 14th Mar '08
When it was sold originally, this bottle retailed for $500. Today outside of US it is worth nearly 2000USD, in the US it is worth much more, I would estimate around 2500-3000USD
- anonymous, 13th Mar '08
How much is this bottle in American dollars?Appreciate the information as I can't seem to find a conversion chart that works on the net.
- Denise Paciorek, 10th Mar '08
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