Bacardi Black Rum

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Bacardi Black Rum
70cl / 37.5%
Premium dark rum from the world's biggest rum brand. Rich, smooth and full-bodied, this is perfect with cola or fruit juices
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Customer rating (25 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(25 reviews)
A smooth tasting Rum, beautiful drinking without having to add anything. If you haven't tried do so and enjoy the experience.
- Frank Bunyan, 30th June
Mix it with another Bacardi Black :)
- anonymous, 4th March
I love its full body flavor, refreshing and relaxing after a days work. Mixed with cola and ice.
- roly santos ,philippines, 26th Sep '13
I'm drinking it right now, 2full shots with not too much coke,bought it duty free in KL.Has a true rum flavour without being harsh,has the smoothness of boubon.
- Davleos, 17th Apr '13
nice stuff on the rocks
- anonymous, 25th Dec '12
Bacardi Black is best with ice,pepsi and much lime. Best drink ever!
- Rickard Johansson Sweden, 7th Dec '12
This is the best rum I've ever tasted! I love dark rums and have tried many over the years but none suits me better than this one. It has a rich flavour and full body without any harshness. It mixes just great with Coca-Cola! I first bought it on a cruise ship when it wasn't available here in Mexico but I now find it in several stores. Great!
- Padraig, 20th Oct '12
Best rum ever everytime i go to Puerto Rico i get couple of bottles and enjoy myself.... i like it with Sprite nice....
- David V, 7th Sep '12
bacardi black enjoy it with only ice just non comparable enjoyment
- anonymous, 7th Sep '12
Not the best rum ever, but good enough, and if you want a dark rum, skip the 8 year old..
- Copenhagen Nights, 13th Jul '12
The Best alcoholic drink ever, just mix it wit Coke and ice.
- anonymous, 4th Apr '12
the greatest rum on earth it giggled me like none other.what a drink
- anonymous, 17th Jan '12
possibly the best dark rum ever. the 8 year old is also excellent but hard to get hold of.
- linda, 22nd Oct '11
I got some of this from the airport in Berlin and loved it. Cant find it in Ireland north or south. Shame.
- Sid, 11th Oct '11
Royal Navy Pussers Rum, comes in two labels, red and blue. Red is 80 and Blue is 95.5 proof, both are better than BB. On the rocks sippen heven.
- deetravler, 13th Jun '10
A very good Rum
- Willie Smartt, 10th Apr '10
I have been drinking Bacardi Black for years now. It used to be sold domestically in the United States. I can only find it in Canada, Germany and Australia. It is a much heartier, sweet and tasteful rum than any of the other Bacardi Rums. It is by far the best Rum I have ever had. There is no comparison with any other Rum out there. For those who enjoy Rum with a good taste, Bacardi Black is the Rum for you.
- StreaknRican, 16th Mar '10
I bought this in duty free in Hungary and loved it, probably the nicest of the Bacardi's so far, but i can't get it in Ireland or U.K.....not fair. Come on bacardi get the finger out and market this drink over here.
- Tanya, 14th Dec '09
Bacardi Black was replaced/remarketed as Bacardi Select. There is no difference.
- easy e, 7th May '09
a true drink i got it i holland and i am trying to find it in uk ahhhhh. what a truly smooth and nice drink i am a vegan with a wheat prob so this drink and other bacardi drinks are my thing enjoy this drink when you find it .it is so nice
- paula, 24th Apr '09
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