Bundaberg Overproof Rum

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Bundaberg Overproof Rum
70cl / 57.7%
An overproof version of the standard version, with very similar taste profile to normal Bundy, but at a higher strength.
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Customer Reviews:(11 reviews)
A better drop than the UP. I like to sip on this.
- Victorian, 11th Feb '12
Loving the drunken Aussie's comment below! Bundaberg OP is full power carnage and we all love that :-)
- anonymous, 21st May '11
This bear, is honey from heaven, us Aussie love our rum. can Pom make it better.. hahaha.... i had take my rum.. when staying in England.. then found Pub in Southgate and was cheap there too....so get bear, sit back think how nice it is when hits your lips ..hahaha
- anonymous, 31st Jul '10
Greatest Rum in the world 30 years of drinking this, its a beaut mate. Miss old Queensland.
- Dallas TX, 19th May '10
Best liquor on the planet!!! V Australia made me realize this!!!
- Bubbles, 30th Apr '10
truth serum
- mary, 12th Dec '09
Strweth mate. This is the best rum in the world.
- anonymous, 18th Dec '08
This is nectar from heaven....Aussies rule !
- Ariel, 17th Oct '08
fell in love with this rum on a quantas flight! so glad to find it on line!!
- terry oosterom, 12th Aug '08
- anonymous, 24th Apr '08
- anonymous, 14th Dec '07
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