Bundaberg Rum

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Bundaberg Rum
70cl / 37%
Bundaberg can only be called Cane Spirit in the UK as it is less than 40%. It is a famous spirit with a cult following from Northern Queensland in Australia. 'Bundy', as it is affectionately known, is an institution in Oz and continues to win new fans abroad.
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Customer rating (109 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(109 reviews)
bought for australian son-in-law.....necessity after a long flight!!
- anonymous, 22nd June
best if not the greatest rums i have ever had goes down great
- max australia, 19th Jun '13
I have tried a few rums, but this one takes me back to my month long holiday in Oz. truly the greatest rum there is.
- Marc, 9th Dec '12
The best drink on the planet, especially the new Bundy White. To all you expats if it helps, I will drink your share. It's OK! I don't mind :-)
- Tez, Melbourne Australia, 8th Sep '12
Bundy is what was in the cup of eternal youth. It's a wonderful drink, and for me one that holds many memories of distant friends.
- anonymous, 31st Jul '12
First sniff reminds me of tequilla. Cant honestly say its the best rum ive ever tasted. And you CANNOT drink this neat. Decent with coke though.
- scott, 13th Apr '12
Dazz that's a terrible thing to say- bundy runs the nation, av gas only runs planes.....
- anonymous, 18th Sep '11
this is the nectur of life
- anonymous, 20th Aug '11
i agree to all of what has been said bundy rocks. but thay need to sell it more widely here in the uk.
- anonymous, 14th Aug '11
about time the pommes got a decent drink here
- anonymous, 21st Jul '11
Chris: the overproof is 57.5% - 115 proof in the US
- TWE Admin, 5th Jul '11
enjoying some right now...IN ARIZONA! Ha! Get the over proof, it's about 110 proof i believe, and much smoother than bacardi 151
- chris, 5th Jul '11
- Gotta have my Bundy mate!, 12th Jun '11
G'day mates, im in toronto canada living now but im from queensland australia and i really miss bundy bad :( bundy was the only grog i drank in australia and i have'nt had it in 4years.How can i get bundy here , bloody hell mate, PEASE someone help out an aussie. Cheers mate
- Mylisa, 2nd Jun '11
hell yeah been looking for this stuff every since my inlaws came back from austrailla
- anonymous, 25th May '11
oh my god there is an entire FORUM of reviews for this rum!! Never even heard of it til now! is it any good??
- bobby, 11th May '11
I HAVE FINALLY FOUND IT IN THE UK!! absolutely stoked!!
- anonymous, 5th May '11
No one has a bad word to say about Bundy and I'm not going to rock the boat ..... It's the bees knees !!
- anonymous, 10th Mar '11
Got to like bundy on my first visit to oz some years ago,look forward to my next visit but l still pefer Pussers
- anonymous, 17th Feb '11
Bundaberg is the best there is. wish it could be bought in Denmark at a reasonable price. I love it. it is Australia bottled
- Henrik, Denmark, 11th Feb '11
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