Bundaberg Rum

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Bundaberg Rum
70cl / 37%
Bundaberg can only be called Cane Spirit in the UK as it is less than 40%. It is a famous spirit with a cult following from Northern Queensland in Australia. 'Bundy', as it is affectionately known, is an institution in Oz and continues to win new fans abroad.
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Customer rating (110 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(110 reviews)
This is a mixer, plain and simple. You will find no subtle notes or anything that would make you want to consider drinking this straight. In fact it tastes rather awful straight. Mixed with coke it's a slightly different spin on the standard bourbon and coke. Mixed with Bundaberg brand ginger beer (which is a very good brewed ginger beer) it becomes a "Dark and Stormy" which is fine highball and the best way to drink this rum. I would recommend it solely for that. It's got a cult following with Australians so beware of any high ratings of this product.
- Steven, 7 days ago
bought for australian son-in-law.....necessity after a long flight!!
- anonymous, 22nd June
best if not the greatest rums i have ever had goes down great
- max australia, 19th Jun '13
I have tried a few rums, but this one takes me back to my month long holiday in Oz. truly the greatest rum there is.
- Marc, 9th Dec '12
The best drink on the planet, especially the new Bundy White. To all you expats if it helps, I will drink your share. It's OK! I don't mind :-)
- Tez, Melbourne Australia, 8th Sep '12
Bundy is what was in the cup of eternal youth. It's a wonderful drink, and for me one that holds many memories of distant friends.
- anonymous, 31st Jul '12
First sniff reminds me of tequilla. Cant honestly say its the best rum ive ever tasted. And you CANNOT drink this neat. Decent with coke though.
- scott, 13th Apr '12
Dazz that's a terrible thing to say- bundy runs the nation, av gas only runs planes.....
- anonymous, 18th Sep '11
this is the nectur of life
- anonymous, 20th Aug '11
i agree to all of what has been said bundy rocks. but thay need to sell it more widely here in the uk.
- anonymous, 14th Aug '11
about time the pommes got a decent drink here
- anonymous, 21st Jul '11
Chris: the overproof is 57.5% - 115 proof in the US
- TWE Admin, 5th Jul '11
enjoying some right now...IN ARIZONA! Ha! Get the over proof, it's about 110 proof i believe, and much smoother than bacardi 151
- chris, 5th Jul '11
- Gotta have my Bundy mate!, 12th Jun '11
G'day mates, im in toronto canada living now but im from queensland australia and i really miss bundy bad :( bundy was the only grog i drank in australia and i have'nt had it in 4years.How can i get bundy here , bloody hell mate, PEASE someone help out an aussie. Cheers mate
- Mylisa, 2nd Jun '11
hell yeah been looking for this stuff every since my inlaws came back from austrailla
- anonymous, 25th May '11
oh my god there is an entire FORUM of reviews for this rum!! Never even heard of it til now! is it any good??
- bobby, 11th May '11
I HAVE FINALLY FOUND IT IN THE UK!! absolutely stoked!!
- anonymous, 5th May '11
No one has a bad word to say about Bundy and I'm not going to rock the boat ..... It's the bees knees !!
- anonymous, 10th Mar '11
Got to like bundy on my first visit to oz some years ago,look forward to my next visit but l still pefer Pussers
- anonymous, 17th Feb '11
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