Cacique Ron Anejo Rum

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Cacique Ron Anejo Rum
70cl / 40%
A golden, aged rum, made of sugar cane molasses at 40 proof. A blend of seven different aged rums produced through three different distilling systems.
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Customer Reviews:(13 reviews)
I've not tried this one but the gran reserva 500 is superb!! Dare i say better than diplomatico reserva exclusiva but that just me.
- anonymous, 10th Jul '13
i work for Diageo so may be biased...but having been born in Venezuela, and liking rum generally, Cacique is the best I have ever had. It has a smooth creamy texture that goes so well with anything. try it with tonic and a spiral of orange peel (don't press it for oil...just drape it in around the icecubes). yummy
- Tony, 1st Dec '11
was introduced to this rum by some friends in Spain. Can't get anything better...ill forever buy it when i go back to Spain!
- anonymous, 23rd Jul '11
is in trinidad and we drinking this all night for my bf nicholas birthady it nice got it frm my dad head nice :) woiii :P it bess! candice
- anonymous, 22nd Mar '11
A superb spirit. One of the finest runs you can buy. The Cacique 500 version is simply amazing. A real shame you can't easily buy it in the UK.
- Mark Noble, 18th Oct '10
que rico, suavemente
- olly dearden, 11th Jun '10
used to drink this all the time when living in caracas in the mid 70,s .. found it in spain some years later .. fantastic drink ..
- steve, 27th Feb '10
loved this rum as soon as tryed it in spain,my drink of choice when in spain,exquisito
- anonymous, 1st Dec '09
Excellent, love it. All my family and friends love this rum. Always get it when a relative comes to visit me from Ecuador or Venezuela.
- anonymous, 3rd Oct '09
As the comment here, every trip to Spain I stock up on this, superb
- anonymous, 10th Jan '09
This is the best rum in the world. Everytime I travel to Spain I stock up. Try it - you will never go back.
- anonymous, 20th Nov '08
Perfect taste. Reflects exactly what you would expect from a rum that comes from this region. Spot on!
- anonymous, 7th May '08
Beautiful aged rum. Could have done better with a few years of additional aging, but definitely worth the experience. A fair rum for cocktails, and a truly distinct blend.
- anonymous, 9th Mar '08
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