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Captain Morgan Rum
70cl / 40%
World-famous dark rum named after Captain Henry Morgan, the famous Welsh swashbuckler who became the governor of Jamaica.
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Customer Reviews:(15 reviews)
Heavy on molasses but pleasant at the back of it all, certainly more of a mixer than anything else, not in a mojito however. Try it with ginger ale/beer and lime for best results as the mellow-molasses taste can offset lighter ingredients.
- Bobby, 30th April
Don't like it straight but it is very good in cola or sprite.
- Jeremy, 16th March
- Not a stunner, but perfectly serviceable - been craving a tot of rum this evening and the first mouthful of this ticked all the right boxes., 26th Jan '13
Bog standard rum produced in vast commercial properties. More thasn one distillery apparently creates it. A fine, boutique rum it is not But not all that bad for all that. Giants like Diageo know how to make something appeal to the masses.
- Noz, 26th Mar '12
I loved it. Especially good if accurately poured over pineapple juice without blending.
- Alexander, 15th Feb '12
Drunk neat it tastes a rich rum with oak a lot like OVD rum but with more of a burn finish but not as much burn as Lambs navy rum. Its great mixed with cola or on its own If you're more of a single malt drinker then Captain Morgan's dark rum is the rum for you.
- JW, 26th Nov '11
Does anyone know where to possibly get Captain Morgan Spiced Gold as i cant seem to find it on here :(
- bigjord, 26th May '11
best rum in the world mix a good amount with coke perfection
- josh, 4th May '11
The very best rum around especially when accompanied by Coke .
- Red-South Africa, 15th Jun '10
nice rum. mix with a dark beer and drink like a sailor.
- stewie ramone, 23rd Feb '10
A very nice rum, very good with schweppes ginger ale.
- Daniel, 29th Nov '09
This Rum is very strong, be careful when you drink it, and is like you can only drink it with Coca Cola, only little rum and much Cola
- Hugo, 3rd Sep '09
I up the welshies!
- anonymous, 19th May '09
You are, of course, correct - with a name like Morgan, he would have to be Welsh, wouldn't he! Schoolboy error, thanks for pointing that out. Cheers, Tim @ SDL
- anonymous, 23rd Apr '07
Re:Captain Morgan Rum,he was not an English swashbuckler.He was a Welsh pirate,which makes your most excellent product even better!
- anonymous, 22nd Jan '07
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