Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Spirit Drink

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Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Spirit Drink
70cl / 35%
Smooth and medium bodied, Captain Morgan's Spiced gets its distinct richness and amber color from blending aged dark rum and spices.
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Customer rating (29 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(29 reviews)
Wow...captain morgans spiced is by far the smoothest, most mellow rum around.i personally think its nicer than sailor jerrys and usually cheaper. Great with a dash of coke and lime.not as bitter as other spiced a word gorgeous.
- Ryan, 15th August
Vanilla & very sweet. Lovely, if you're young and/or have a sweet tooth. The more mature palate might suit the cinnamon based Lamb's Spiced a little better than this particular chap!
- anonymous, 10th Feb '12
I was introduced to Morgan Spice by a lady colleague at work & wow what a drink ! Really enjoyed it, I wonder if there is some Morgan Spice novelties that you could send me, would appreciate it, if you could, just bought another couple of bottles of the lovely Nectar !
- Richard Thor, 10th Jan '12
Strongly tastes of vanilla, very easy to drink neat. Once you get a taste for it you'll just want some more, just doesn't seem like you're drinking rum.
- JW, 8th Dec '11
love morgan spice with soda water and ice or sometimes with diet irn bru
- anonymous, 16th Nov '11
My favourite spiced rum so far, I've tried both versions of Sailor Jerry, the original is lovely but as its not available in bars... I drink this and it takes great either with coke/pepsi/ginger ale. I've just bought Bacardi Oakheart which is also 35% for a comparison.. unknown which I prefer yet!
- TS, 16th Nov '11
Tried the new 'tweaked' version of my favourite drink Morgans Spice - now Captain morgans -
- Liz, 19th Sep '11
Captain Morgan's Spiced is the slightly tweaked new branding for Morgan's Spiced, as far as I can tell. The liquid should be the same but you'll get an extra word on the label. We'll update the picture once we get it in.
- TWE Admin, 8th Jul '11
I'm confused, this is made by the Captain Morgans rum company, so how do Captain Morgans spiced and Morgans Spiced differ?
- Confused Craig, 8th Jul '11
I really wanna try this Rum to know if it is a good rum to drink straight.
- Louis1Zero1, 21st Mar '11
Don't dilute the awesome flavour of this stuff. Simply pour over ice, leave it for a few minutes, and then enjoy! Spice up your coffee/tea with it it too!
- anonymous, 27th Dec '10
I love this rum, tried last time in London...
- Mark, 8th Dec '10
Very good spiced, taste even sweet.
- Jens Otto, 9th Oct '10
Morgan's Spiced mixed with Schweppes Canada dry ginger ale is the nicest drink ever! I love it.
- TS, 5th Oct '10
Try Morgans spiced with lime
- anonymous, 29th Sep '10
This bad boy mixed with some Ginger beer!!! It's a boomtang thing!!
- Owen t-spoon jones, 19th Aug '10
I had my first botle of this in 3 days and im not a drinker this has to be the best alcohol I have ever tasted. I liked the soft taste of malibu but it has something missing, this has what malibu is missing.
- anonymous, 23rd Jul '10
The quintessential starter rum. A decent mixer, but definately not a sipper. If you're searching for a rum to enjoy straight, then buy Zaya or Zacapa.
- anonymous, 21st Oct '09
Morgan Spiced is amazing!!!
- AV, 1st Aug '09
Absolutly the nicest drink ever, used to drink vodka.. But Morgans and coke with ice beat the lot, mmmm!!
- Joanne, 27th Jun '09
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