El Dorado Rum 12 Year Old

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El Dorado Rum 12 Year Old
70cl / 40%
Awarded the gold medal at the Caribbean Rum Taste Test (held annually in London) no fewer than seven times in the first ten years in which the competition was held!
IWSC 2011 Gold Medal Winner - Best in Class

Shortlisted for the TWE Spirit of the Year 2013 award
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Customer rating (23 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(23 reviews)
I bought this for my Husband who is normally a Whisky drinker, he has now been converted to El Dorado 12 Year Old Rum aswell. What have I done!!! (: Super Smooth and very enjoyable.
- Allison, 23rd June
Without a doubt one of the best rums that £30.00 will get you, it's a must to add to your collection. For me it's better than the more expensive 15 year. Smooth, tasty and very enjoyable. It's a sipper all the way, total waste to mix it.
- Robin, 5th March
Lovely stuff, and good value for money too!
- Jonathan, 22nd February
boy !! this is special the smoothest spirit I have ever tasted.to me this is like warm spicy maple toffee in a spirit sent by the gods I must admit ive always been a single malt kind of person and only recently over the last few years have I started to sample the better rums out there than you get in your local supermarkets im already ordering a second bottle of this wonderful creation
- anonymous, 10th Dec '13
Its sweet and rich yet the finish is prominently of anise and fennel. Further aging 15-21 ive found the flavour intensifies but the 12 and 21 are really the best.
- Art, 24th Jun '13
By far the best 'bang for buck' of the El Dorados. Better on the palate, imo, than the 15 year old. Beautifully smooth, full of fantastic flavours and by far my favourite rum of the many, many I've tried. Best drank neat with no ice.
- Davy, 29th Apr '13
This is a decent rum but has a bit of a biteto it, when I was epxecting it to be as smooth as the 15 year old. The 15 year old is truly sublime and is worth paying the extra 13 pounds. I tried to "save" and it wasn't worth it.
- Evan, Hampstead, 5th Mar '13
I have tried the Appleton 15, 18 and 21 year old but I still prefer the 12 year old El Dorado. It is the smoothest spirit I have ever tasted.
- anonymous, 10th Feb '13
This isn't rum, this is candy.
- Jeff, 19th Nov '12
You cannot go wrong with any of the El Dorado rums and this one is no exception. Can I have a free bottle of 21yr old now please?
- Angus J Whitehead, 23rd Apr '12
Smooooooooooooooooooooooth!Great with lime and ginger beer
- Gigi, 22nd Apr '12
I've been drinking rum since a wee nipper when my cheeky uncle gave me a sneaky snifter in George town Guyana. This is a fantastic rum. Not as sweet as some Guyanese rums thus allowing for a more complex taste. Rich molasses quickly holds hands with orange, citrus and oak finishing with coffee, toffee and vanilla. Blended to a smashing taste! This rum keeps going even when it's gone ?!
- Tom, 9th Jan '12
This was my first quality sipping rum! And WHAT a CRACKER! On the nose/ palate: Burnt sugar, spice and fruit that goes on forever! Good stuff folks, you can't go wrong!
- Z7089, 6th Dec '11
Very rich and smooth. You can taste the toffee and raisins clearly. The first sip doesn't even burn, but then the warmth develops afterwards. I'm new to the wonderful world of (good) rum, and this was my introduction to just how fantastic it can be.
- anonymous, 29th Nov '11
Super smooth, it's like a blend of rum with port. Several delightful tastes on the tongue. It's delicious straight or on the rocks. I've tried the El dorado 15 and i prefer the 12. It is by far the best spirit I've ever tasted, just wish it was a little easier on my wallet.
- Fraser, 8th Jun '11
delicious, great demerera taste and super smooth, the 15 is better but this is plenty good enough and a bit more affordable, i haven't tried an El Dorado that i didn't like (i'm not going to try the spiced!)
- Henri, 17th Jan '11
Fantastic. Similar in taste to Angostura 1919.Would make a supurb gift for any rum lover (hint hint!)
- Marc Pollitt, 8th Jul '10
this rum is a very good sipper. If you like the sugar taste, try this. A good quality/price itemOne of my favorite,and not too expesive so you dont care about finishing the bottle.
- Heimdall, 12th Apr '10
That one is excellent, better than Appleton 12 yo, but I prefer the Flor de cana 12 yo. This one is my second favorite 12 yo.
- Heimdall, 11th Apr '10
Yar! this bee true RUM exelent smooth and full of fruit worth sailing the spanish main for me heartys.
- Dave, 6th Mar '10
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