El Dorado Rum 15 Year Old / Special Reserve

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El Dorado Rum 15 Year Old / Special Reserve
70cl / 43%
El Dorado 15yo is a remarkable rum, whose greatest achievement was collecting the Wray & Nephew Trophy for Best Rum in the World at the International Wine & Spirits Challenge for an unprecedented four years running.
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Customer rating (31 reviews)
Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Stuart P

Nose: The best Christmas cake you can imagine. Refined, enticing aromas of candied peel, allspice, cinnamon, dried fruit and golden syrup.

Palate: Complex, spicy dried fruit, with interweaving layers of honey, gingerbread and toasty oak. This is very classy stuff, never overbearing.

Finish: Honeyed, spicy finish that persists.

Comment: An exceptional rum, which has complexity in spades yet is beautifully balanced. Anyone who dismisses rum as a one-dimensional category should try this, and prepare to be wowed.

Customer Reviews:(31 reviews)
Absolutely lovely stuff. Definitely among my top 10 rums,
- anonymous, 23rd June
This is the best rum in the world..great taste its much better than all the other rums i have ever tasted i give el dorado number one..
- Shaquille alleyne(usa), 1st May
I hear a lot of people shouting about cigars, wood and earth. But I think you've got it all wrong. I wouldn't call this a Caribbean rum. After careful consideration (a lot of licks) coconut, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange, all spice, cognac. Definitely fruity and luscious, xmasy but not tiresome. Sipping, yes. Over priced, no. I've spent 4 times as much on rum and this doesn't compare. Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva similarly priced (and even better) gives you the same buzz.
- anonymous, 20th March
ED 15 rules the Summer, the rest of the year, single malts take over. - TT
- Toronto Tim (Canada), 18th January
Just had the first taste from my bottle of El Dorado 15yr and it's undoubtedly a top class sipping rum and very enjoyable however I do find it a bit too sweet for my taste. Perhaps i should try it with a dessert, rich fruit cake or some blue cheese. I would like to try the El Dorado 12yr to see how it compares. My all time favourite is still the Appleton Estate 12yr which is just perfection to me.
- The Colonel, 5th Apr '13
got a bottle of this years ago and absolutely loved it! still have a couple of glasses left in the bottle - cant bring myself to finish it in case i fancy it at some point......actually, might have a swig now...
- scott, 29th Mar '13
A typical Demerara rum - rich molasses but not as thick or overwhelming as a navy style rum. ED15 has notes of fruit, caramel and coffee and, obviously, wood. As lovely as it is I have a little secret - 15 years is too long for this rum; save £10 and buy the more subtle 12yo.
- anonymous, 14th Jan '13
Just bought 4 bottles for xmas... its killing me not to open it at 11:24 on thursday mornin, after readin the above.
- Mark Robinson England, 22nd Nov '12
A magnificent spirit to drink, rich, complex, moreish, easily on par with the best single malts and liqueur cognacs. This has changed my views about rum completely. I could bathe in this!
- anonymous, 9th Jul '12
I hear all of you guys want to buy me a bottle? Another outstanding rum. An intensely fruity and complex range of flavours. So smooth you just can't stop drinking it. Think cigars, open fires, wood panelling and a soon-to-be-empty bottle of this stuff.
- Angus J Whitehead, 23rd Apr '12
Have decided to give single malts a back seat and jumped ship with this fine Rum.... what a beauty, aged in Bourbon and Whisky casks for at least 15 years, compared to scotch it tastes like 25 years... rich coffee notes, toasted almonds, cardamon, cloves and vanilla abound.. so much going on will be trying the 12 yo next.
- anonymous, 15th Feb '12
A damn good sipping rum, but not a very big step up from the 12 y/o I'm afraid. Compaired to the 12y/o its a bit more spicy, spirity and cognac-like but still has the signatur taste of the 12y/o. All in all- stick with the 12y/o that's the bang of your buck!
- Z7089, 27th Dec '11
After constantly being told how good this is I finally bought some. I am not one for comparing it to others so I won't. Extremely nice rum in its own right and a damn good sipper. I have tried quite a few now and this is a great addition to any rum collection. It won't last long though....
- Andy S, 9th Dec '11
Drank 30 rums at a tasting on Palm Island (Grenadines) and this was head and shoulders the best. Pricey, but worth every cent.
- anonymous, 5th Dec '11
Bought this for a friend a few years and, thankfully being the good friend that he was, shared it with me (it didn't last long). It's like drinking melted demerara sugar with a lovely warm, soft, gentle kick. I've tried others in the same bracket but still prefer this one.
- Sarah, 20th Nov '11
yes; i tried it in a bar in derby. very smooth with lingering taste. going to treat myself a bottle christmas
- anonymous, 28th Oct '11
I also first tasted this whilst out in Guyana a few months ago. I've never tasted a rum finer than this. It is truly amazing.
- Mandy, 20th Jul '11
Stunning rum. Without doubt one of the best in the world. It is so good you try to savour every moment! I find this a different experience to Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva.
- James, Oxford, 26th Jun '11
Just got back from Guyana last month, where I tasted this 15 y.o. gem! It is like velvet on my tongue. It outperforms Mount Gay Extra Old by miles, my former favorite!
- anonymous, 11th Jun '11
Beautiful. Simply outstanding. It is of course not your discount rum price but then again it is a fine rum. I wouldn't compare it to Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva. It is from Venezuela and cheaper than El Dorado. El Dorado is from Guyana and if it comes to support mine goes to Guyana over Venezuela. Political but honest. They are both great rums for sure.
- Pyrrho, 25th May '11
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