El Dorado Rum 21 Year Old

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El Dorado Rum 21 Year Old
70cl / 43%
This glorious, full-bodied rum of exquisite taste and character was launched in late 2002 and has quickly established itself as one of the finest on the market.
IWSC 2012 - Gold Medal - Rum
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Customer Reviews:(15 reviews)
She's a great rum, strong, rich, flavoursome, plenty aftertaste. There are nicer in the 75-100 bracket but this is up there...
- Mike Wood, 15th Dec '13
has to be one of the best. Payed a fiver at rumfest just to get a taste of it before treating myself to a bottle for my 40th birthday. Lovely stuff shame there is just enough left for one last glass now... the 12yr and 15yr are both great as well (and get their rum cream if you want to ditch the baileys at xmas!!)
- Flipit, 16th Nov '13
Got this bought for me as a gift, it is absolutely superb. By far the nicest rum I've had, bravo!!
- Dan the man, 28th Apr '13
I've had rum from Haiti:barbancourt special reserve from Barbados: Cockspur 12 years old from Cuba: Havana Club anejo reserva and Havana Club 15 years old from Jamaica: Appleton Master's Blend and Appleton 21 years old from Nicaragua: Flor de Cana 12 and 21 years old and Plantation 1998 and finaly the best of them all Eldorado 12-15-21 years old Eldorado kicks ass
- Yan, 18th Sep '12
A very good rum . . . well worth the "step-up" from the 15 year old.
- anonymous, 23rd May '12
To John Nimble I have met the world ambassador for El Dorado and they do not add anything to sweeten any of their rums!
- anonymous, 23rd Feb '12
bought as a new years gift for myself. it was worth it to say that ive had a bottle, as for the taste, it grows on you, by the end of the bottle you'll think its nice... but i probably wouldnt buy it again.
- joe cocktail, 5th Jan '12
Tried this over the holiday weekend in Canada (apparently available in stores there!). Clearly the best rum I've had in a long while. I had it on the rocks straight up and it was deeelicious! Liked the sweet, smooth taste!
- Another Doctor - not THE Doctor!, 2nd Jan '12
Just love the sweetness, have tried a lot of different rums and this is up there as one of the very best, XM from Guyana are excellent rums also but not as good as this. I do like smooth and this has all of that, but there are so many out there that will be as good as this, but not many will top it.
- The Doctor, 19th Apr '11
To The Master and The Doctor: there are better rums, and smoothness is not the only criterion. Good, yes, but a shame they have to sweeten it (or did you not notice?).
- John Nimble, 8th Apr '11
i have both the 12yr and 21yr olds.Amazing long lasting taste.i thought appleton was special but that cannot touch El Dorado.
- anonymous, 9th Dec '10
The best rum in the WORLD!! No discussion it just is
- anonymous, 24th Nov '10
I have been tasting rums for the last 25 years and this is by far the very best that money can buy. The 12yr old is also well worth a try and is world reknown for its exquisite complex taste. Like nothing else on the market, these rums are the very best demerera rums to leave Guyana.
- The Master, 11th Jun '10
rum at its very best !!!Boys from the land of OZ-mike Mario and Andrew
- anonymous, 6th Nov '09
A superb rum in the El Dorado collection, do not be put off by the price, this is smoothness at its best, fantastic El Dorado taste as usual, one of the best mature rums i have tasted.
- The Doctor, 23rd May '09
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