Chivas Regal 12 Year Old

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Chivas Regal 12 Year Old
70cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
'The blend for grown-ups, for people who have made their rites of passage and are ready to enjoy their success. Sweet, but not cloying. Buxom, but not overblown. Balanced. 9/10.' Paul Pacult in Whisky Magazine April 2000
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(£22.46 ex. VAT)
Customer Reviews: (27 reviews)
This is the whisky that my father drinks. I first drank scotch while in the navy in Japan. Suntory was the whisky of choice. Whenever I take a sip it brings me close to my dad. He still drinks chivas and buys it by the case. I love the taste and it is a family legacy. I toast to tradition.
- anonymous, 10th March
A drink fit for kings and queens.l loved it.Well done
- Caroline Kudya, 25th January
First time Chivas drop and sooo disappointed. I much prefer a Spayside so it is down to my own taste. The price is good but there is so much more out there for the same price.
- the old funker, 17th Dec '13
I just cannot get to grips with the nasty woody smell and finish. It is a very bland offering and JW Black is so much better. It needs more defined top notes and is best drunk with a mixer or with plenty of ice.
- Jonty B, 9th Sep '13
My first impression of this was that it had a great nose. Then I tasted it and it was like a single grain whisky with a drop of malt whisky added. However despite its lack of body, I do actually like this whisky! I've tasted much worse.
- Jonathan, 31st Aug '13
It was a great blend, but now will put it at par with JW Black....I think all brands in this price range have detoriated in quality;the global consumption of scotch whiskey has shot up enormously but the facilities for aging it has not kept the pace.
- anonymous, 24th Jun '13
My first scotch I enjoy it immensely sublte flavors quite a change from bourbon smoother finish and not a slap in the face like Jack Daniels
- anonymous, 16th Dec '12
Smooth and easy to drink, yet quite dull and certainly lacks character in that realm compared to JW Black and other rivals. Image over product is fore sure, still not bad for the money.
- anonymous, 14th Nov '12
Smooth, Silky and well rounded. A perfect choice for a Blended Scotch Whisky. Comparisons with JW Black Label is not required. This one is for the connoisseurs. Cheers
- Rajeev Soni, 28th Oct '12
Excellent blend, well balanced. Easy to drink with no overwhelming notes but still well defined in the beginning with very smooth finish.
- Daniel Grzybowski, 12th Aug '12
A very good for blended whisky. Smooth, beautifully balanced, honeyed and some spicy oak at the finish. Jim gave this 83.5 points, sometimes I can't understand him.
- Mikko, 2nd Jun '12
Sweet, very smooth with woody after taste. A very good blended whisky.
- Dharmesh Desai, 17th Feb '12
A good blend it has to be said. Main reasons being it is a good introductory dram for those new to the whisky world, due to the gentle finish and hints of honey and vanilla it possesses. I do believe it is overvalued and the image of it being used in cocktail bars is almost offensive. Would say try before you buy as their are some 'unique'subtleties. I do often see this served over ice
- timp1985, 25th Jan '12
A good whiskey, I really like it. Not smokey at all in my opinion.
- anonymous, 26th Sep '11
Hmmm, not sure what to make of this one .. too light, vanilla-ish flavours. Every time i pick it up, it reminds me of an insipid JD. Very dissapointing, coming in a nice silver box and all, lol. For the price of a blend, a bottle of JW B Label is a way better choice. In fact, for the price, forget this and get a single malt, a fine bottle of Old Pultney 12 yr old perhaps, or Highland Park. Let's face it, at this price point, the afformentioned choices are significantly better..
- anonymous, 15th May '11
light amber appearance. smells a little bit peaty. tastes of honey, seasalt, hazelnut and cannabis. finished this highly impressed. better than Johnnie Walker Black in my opinion 95 points
- corey, 25th Mar '11
ITs relatively cheap, but nice and easy to drink. Drink enjoy, no snobbery
- anonymous, 21st Mar '11
I've not long started to drink whisky, only tried Speyburn,Isle of jura,JW Black Label. My late Grandfather used to work at the Chivas distillery making the wooden casks as well as drink the whisky as well. It is a VERY easy blend to drink, sweet but not too sickly and smooth (no harshness at all).
- Dave, 1st Nov '10
Very mild and easy to drink, its not smokey in the least contrary to an earlier review, its an entry whiskey for me , its the kind of whiskey you offer your girlfriend to try and get her into blends. Thats not to say its poor its very nice , but If your after a darker stronger 12 year old go for JW black, or the famous grouse black, the latter being significantly younger and cheaper but is my current favourite scotch.
- anonymous, 2nd Jul '10
Foul evil spirit, it was once a great blend, but when the big dogs got hold of the brand the quality went down. It has a sinister reputation for hang over?s the world over. Drink with caution, and moderation unless you want a Scottish marching band trampling you brain the next day.
- Bartender, 14th Apr '10
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