Koko Kanu Coconut Rum

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Koko Kanu Coconut Rum
70cl / 37.5%
Natural coconut essence is blended with white Jamaican rum to create this cracking flavoured rum from Kingston, Jamaica. Great with fruit juices.
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Customer rating (18 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(18 reviews)
Dose the job, as one person commented, it's like having a adult version of malibu. This has far more kick to it.Enjoyed it most as a part of a mixer.created a new cocktail. Small shot of katu, honey ginseng, in a body of fresh apple juice.served over crushed ice.
- mr T, 20th July
Simply amazing
- Ed Barrett, 24th June
The amazing Coconut flavour that comes through with that kick of power just makes it so enjoyable to drink. Great to cook with for added flavour.
- Rockin Robin, 23rd June
So smooth pour over ice and sit in the garden lush!!
- Kate, 24th April
Amazingl good - Pimps up your pina Colas to a whole new level!
- anonymous, 16th Dec '13
The most awesome Coconut Rum I've ever tasted. It needs nothing but to be chilled.
- anonymous, 18th Nov '13
has too be drank neat, I am so happy since discovering this
- steve, 29th Aug '13
Love it! Mix with Half ans half and pineapple. Its like heaven dancing on your tongue
- jenna77, 20th Apr '13
Very sweet but a lovely flavour and very silky smooth. Can't wait to try it with pineapple - should have a wonderful kick.
- Lee Bagnall, 24th Jan '13
Enhance the experience by mixing it with coconut water and ice - pure heaven.
- Jan, 19th Jul '12
I tend to refer to this as Malibu for men! Absolutely love it :-)
- anonymous, 14th Jul '11
all i can say is that you have just 1 shot and it makes you happy!! love it love it love it!!!! and i hate malibu!!!! lol x
- Vic, 4th Dec '09
to sum up koko kanu in one sentance "its sex in a glass" to describe it to be like malibu is like saying a blended whiskey is like a single malt. If you havent tried it please do your in for a treat
- Miss Kitty, 19th Sep '09
Does exactly what it says on the tin and that is blow you away with the taste of coconut, bit sweet for my taste but a great rum for punches.
- The Doctor, 23rd May '09
definately not the best original rum but as for its flavour, a tremendous cocktail ingredient and flavour enchancer... Makes an awesome daquiri!
- Dandy, 7th Nov '08
Once you try Koko you forget about everything else..
- Stan, 18th Jun '08
Makes Malibu seem like a fizzy drink! Pure coconut no artifical flavourings like Malibu! The best rum you will ever taste!
- Vinny, 15th May '08
- anonymous, 29th Jan '08
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