Lamb's Navy Rum

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Lamb's Navy Rum
70cl / 40%
A Caribbean blend of eighteen rums from various islands including Trinidad and Guyana, Lamb's is a dark, tannic, traditional Navy rum.
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CountryCaribbean BlendTypeMolassesStylePlain
Customer Reviews:(12 reviews)
Sugar taste, no spices, no complexity. At room temperature it's fairly harsh on the tongue - definitely not a sipping rum, only good for mixers. Will try on ice to see if that improves the experience. £15 badly spent, but I wanted to try everything the shop has on the shelves.
- Drac, 18th May '13
Drining Lambs Dark for 40 years and have not found one that will top the flavour and smoothness that I enjoy. Still trying different rums all over the world but Lambs varity is my first and formost favorite. Enyoyu
- Darwood Dobie Canada, 12th Nov '11
To nose it brings forth molasses; however, there is no spice, no fruit, no anything after that initial sugary burst. The sweet caramel flavours that are initially enticing peter away to nothing all too quickly and leave nothing behind other than a harsh aftertaste, a clear indication of young alcohol. Lamb?s does excel as a mixer, as it is noticeable but not strong enough to overpower its accompanying drink.
- Steve Crotty at Rum , 15th Aug '11
den bedste rom jeg har smagt men hver sin smag
- Henning Reinbach, 2nd Jun '11
- anonymous, 20th May '11
A good flavorsome rum for mixing, for straight sipping is a little harsh with tastes of young alcohol, main taste I get is burnt caramel. For a neat drink I would prefer captain morgans on a budget but out of all the rums, Ron Zacapa is by far my favorite.
- matt, 19th Mar '11
Brilliant stuff, discovered it at my mates 18th last night!
- Will Randle, 28th Mar '10
Lambs is very favorite is Pussers
- Johnny Norfolk, 7th Dec '09
I prefer this to Captain Morgans by far but prefer English Harbour or Woods 100 as Navy Rum goes.
- alex, 10th Nov '09
Simply the best Rum a Navy Man can drink!
- Big Spud's, 5th Oct '09
FABULOUS!!! My wife
- Tom Soukup, 19th Feb '09
True Navy Rum. Bit harsher than Captain morgan and the more Caramel of the dark rums but still has a good solid flavour and isnt overly strong. Perfect Rum and Black material.
- Theonegsw, 26th Sep '08
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