Matusalem Rum 15 Gran Reserva

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Matusalem Rum 15 Gran Reserva
70cl / 40%
A super-premium rum of exceptional quality. Complex, yet velvety-smooth with a pronounced bouquet and flavour.
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More Details:
CountryDominican RepublicAge15 Year OldTypeMolassesStylePlain
Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Stuart P

Nose: Enticing aromas of sweet spice, Christmas cake and toasty oak.

Palate: Very approachable – soft and smooth mouthfeel, with plenty of rich, fruity spice, but still clean and elegant.

Finish: Not especially long, but everything in check.

Customer Reviews:(14 reviews)
There's nothing artificial about this rum. It's not sweetened or glossed up, it stands up for itself. Honey, caramel, hints of treacle with that molasses bite just wavering on the end. The flavor develops as it leave your mouth intensify with that woody oaky kind of realness. This isn't a bells and whistles rum that's going to give you an instant WOW like the El Doroado 15/Diplomatico Grand Reserva, but what it is, is very true to what I imagine it set out to be. Traditional & straight forward.
- anonymous, 13th April
15YO for that price, good value. Can't wait for it to arrive :)
- anonymous, 23rd January
Not bad value for a 15YRo and preferable to appletons of similar value but as a sipper could use a bit more bite flavour wise like an El Dorado 8 even!!Still i like the aftertaste to the point of making my way through this bottle readily
- Freddy lebanon, 6th Sep '13
Just received my first bottle of this. Wow. Really smooth, lots of toffee flavours, like it a lot.
- anonymous, 15th Jun '12
This stuff is all time! It's in my top 5 for sure? Buy it now
- T.bone. Kernow, 29th Apr '12
damn good rum. worth the xtra money. just better than appletons 25 yr. HORSE NZ JULY 10
- anonymous, 5th Jul '11
Brought this along with Mount Gay Extra Old and Havanna Club 7 year old, the Metusalem was the smoothest, although the others were good. For me it was the one I would choose stright or on the rocks, fantastic rum in this price range.
- Tony B, 3rd Jan '11
matusalem has launched a 18 and 23 solera gran reserva (18 for the us markets and 23 for european markets). please try the 23, it is absolutely awesome. much more balance, a bit sweeter, complex, crispier than the 15 AND much better than the zacapa 23 for me
- lesist, 24th Dec '10
please notice that it is a solera rum, so the rum contains rums that have been aged for a maximum of 15 years, the average is much lower. it says spirit of cuba because matusalem was originated in cuba but left the country due to political issues and is now producing in the dominican republic. so they are producing a cuban style rum but being located in the dom rep.
- lesist, 24th Dec '10
question why Dominican Republic;when it says the spirit of Cuba on it
- Mr T, 20th Dec '10
This is pretty good stuff, but not the best qpr on the market.
- scyrene, 14th Aug '10
no really, OMFG. amazing.
- L, 17th Jan '09
Nice rum but could be better for a 15 year old, good price, try mount gay extra old next to this and compare, no contest.
- The Doctor, 6th Dec '08
My favourite rum, and a bargain for a 15 year rum. Balanced taste with toffee and vanilla notes with a sweet leingering after taste.
- anonymous, 9th Mar '08
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