Mount Gay Eclipse Rum

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Mount Gay Eclipse Rum
70cl / 40%
From probably the oldest rum distillery in the world (dating from 1703), comes this legendary Barbados golden rum. Mount Gay Eclipse is absolutely superb value for money.
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Tasting Notes:
Producer's Tasting Notes
Brilliant golden amber in colour, Eclipse bears a luxuriously complex aroma whose rich, seamless harmony is interwoven with distinctive floral and fruity notes of apricot and banana, with hints of vanilla and a subtle smokiness imparted by the Kentucky oak barrels in which the rum is patiently aged.
Customer Reviews:(18 reviews)
This is a mixer, a good one, still a mixer however. It is not good on its own with ice in my opinion, it is easily overpowered and swamped with water giving off a bitter after taste.
- Bobby, 30th April
Mount gay with ice is the sweetest smoothest rum I have ever tasted.
- Whisky drinker, 13th January
one of the better rums, not the best when taken neat, better mixing it.
- anonymous, 6th January
Not as good as Appleton Estate. Just tried a drop on its own and found the nose disappointing, the alcohol dominates any fruit. The palate is more balanced and quite smooth for a young rum but not rounded or complex enough for sipping neat. Good mixing rum though, I recommend making a punch with 1ltr fresh orange, 1ltr fresh pineapple, 250ml lime juice, a few dashes of Angostura bitters and a bottle of rum. Serve over ice with a grating of fresh nutmeg.
- The Colonel, 27th Mar '13
Definitely one of the better rums i have tried!!!!
- anonymous, 9th Sep '12
The only thing to add to a tot of Mount Gay is another tot of Mount Gay !
- Jossman, 18th May '12
i dont know why any of you would mix it with anything....enjoy on the rocks or neat only. do you folks put katchup on your filet mignon? point made
- this guy, 9th May '12
Enjoy over crushed ice, half squesed lime and a splash of Diet Coke
- Mario Masliah, 13th Dec '11
fantastic just with ice, the flavours linger on your tongue, its the best
- Baxy, 22nd Jun '11
My FAVOURITE rum! Crushed Ice, 50/50 of Mount Gay Eclipse and Old Jamaica Ginger Beer with a squeeze and slice of lime...simple and delicious!
- Carlos Fandango, 4th Jan '11
this is just the best value rum you can get, great with coke or just a splash of water.My absolute Fav!! Col in the joiner
- anonymous, 18th Nov '10
great drink the eclipse silver a must for all sprits lovers
- dereck from grimsby, 31st Jul '10
- FREEZER GEEZER, 23rd Feb '10
- anonymous, 15th Feb '10
Mount Gay IS the best rum! Smooth and price is right. Will be my favorite for life.
- Muralist54, 28th Jan '10
Mount Gay is my favourite rum bar non. Great smooth taste, ideal with coke on ice. Lovely.
- Rob, 7th Dec '09
With you Pete it is one of the most drinkable for this price.
- The Doctor, 6th Dec '08
Mount Gay is a great "everyday" rum suitable for usage in a rum punch, cocktail or with coke.
- Pete The Beat, 24th Sep '07
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