Mount Gay Extra Old Rum

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Mount Gay Extra Old Rum
70cl / 43%
A very special Bajan rum, Mount Gay XO is now receiving long-overdue international recognition. Full-flavoured and extremely mellow, with a lingering finish.
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Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Simon Difford (CLASS Magazine)

Clear, golden amber with polished gold highlights

Spicy apricot, ripe banana and vanilla with rum and raison ice-cream.

Fiery but velvety, honeyed palate with cooked fruit, ripe banana, toffee apple and sweet pastry notes overlaid with spicy oak - cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.

Long dry oaky finish. Light-bodied but very rich and full-flavoured.

4/5 Praiseworthy

Customer Reviews:(26 reviews)
The best rum I have tasted and a favourite of mine since my first visit to Barbados in 1987. Smooth, rich flavour with a hint of bourbon hiding in the background. Great on its own but also superb with coke. A "pint of Bajan" is a must to quench that thirst. Recommended.
- Rosso, 16th Oct '13
One of my favourite rums. Sip it on a Tuesday afternoon with some tropical fruit, brown sugar and your choice of junk food and half a bottle later you become ridiculously handsome.
- chumley pinkerton smythe, 12th Apr '13
Not a favourite rum, but I managed to polish off half a bottle one Saturday morning without realising. You get a brown sugar sweetness and some tropical fruit - its the junk food of the rum world (in a good way) and shouldn't be compared to 'sipping' rums, although its worth noting that half bottle vanished without mixer or ice.
- Alistair James, 14th Jan '13
You can taste the Carribean Sun! On a cold Winters night it warms the soul.
- anonymous, 22nd Aug '12
Another staple of mine! I have come to judge bars on their selection of rum and whisky. This is one of the marker bottles I look for along with Diplomatico ER. A very good rum for the price. If you like your sipping rum, get a bottle of this, El Dorado 15 and Diplomatico ER
- Angus J Whitehead, 23rd Apr '12
This stuff is pure gold,open the bottle and drink it,no coke, no ice. Epic.
- Skinner,kernow, 12th Mar '12
Out of the premium rums i have tried this one is hard to beat for the money. Rich aromas of brown sugar, honey and vanilla oak also translate to the palate. A good all rounder and exceptional value!
- Benny C, 8th Nov '11
As a known drinker of Mount Gay Eclipse I was bought a bottle of the Extra Old as a gift and all I can say is it is quite simply amazing. It has a much greater depth of flavour than the Eclipse, with a hint of peaty whisky about it. It almost seemed like sacrilege to try to tame it with a dash of Fentimen's tonic water. I will most certainly be purchasing more in the not too distant future.
- anonymous, 16th Jul '11
Very complex and full bodied. Suberb!
- Kim J., 17th Apr '11
Nice rum good strong taste 8/10
- mr walkin, 28th Mar '11
A lovely sipping rum. Rich, full of flavour and quite warming. There are a few other rums I prefer but this is a very good rum.
- gtcouk, 16th Mar '11
Exquisitely chocolatey. Sweet and smooth, and great neat in a brandy balloon or wine glass.
- Scyrene, 12th Feb '11
nice stuff smooth and many after tones, I am trying to get my hands on MG Cane Brandy as a result of buying this one
- CT, 29th Sep '10
im mainly a malt drinker but after recommendations from friends i decided to order a bottle of XO... wow.... wonderful stuff, ive got a feeling this wont be my last bottle, may try the sugarcane as well.
- Charlie, 23rd Jul '10
I bought a bottle of this at the beginning of the year and have on now decided to open it. It was worth the wait! I normally mix all of my drinks but to do so with this would be criminal! Is perfect on its on just to sip. Top Draw!
- DilemaDon, 27th May '10
just got back from barbados and it very good oer there
- dave arnold, 2nd May '10
Just went round Mount Gay in Barbados and confirmed Extra Old really is first class
- Tenaciter, 29th Mar '10
Shocked you've never seen this for sale. This has been sold on the uk high street since at least 1998 when I worked for a well-known off-license chain. Some of the better-stocked corner shops in London have it as well, and any bar worthy of the name will have it.
- Jimbo, 23rd Feb '10
Its about time we got this in the uk as i could only get it in Barbados its a fantastic rum which i highly recommend its even better with ginger beer.
- anonymous, 21st Feb '10
I like this, and I also Zaya and Zacapa. I set out to pick up a bottle of El Dorado 15, but not in stock. I ended up with Mt. Gay XO. It needs a cube of ice and I do imagine it would mix well with Cola or even Dr. P. I'll be able to keep this liquid on the shelf longer than previous purchases of Zacapa and Angostura 1824, enabling me to start an actual collection of rum rather than just boxes and bottles. I am very much enjoying the Mt. Gay XO.
- Michael, 18th Nov '09
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