Myers's Rum / Original Dark

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Myers's Rum / Original Dark
70cl / 40%
The pre-eminent cocktail dark rum, Myer's has retained its original bottle shape and tagline, 'World Famous, Dark and Mellow' for several decades. Found in good bars the world over.
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Customer Reviews:(22 reviews)
I like this rum , in strength of taste its somewhere between an OVD and a captain morgan . It's not the best rum out there but if you like dark rum, this is a welcome brake from cracken , OVD, and the other run of the mill stuff . If you see it behind the bar give it a try before you go for the usual , it could be a welcome change for you . After 2 or 3 they start going down dead easy .
- big Ian , 12th March
I have to say that I don't understand what all the fuss is about. This is not a smooth rum. It may be OK mixed but there is little molasses taste and almost no cask vanilla overtones that one might expect from a rum with such good reviews. Sorry - maybe I'm missing something. My favourite sipping rum is Old Monk which is the king of molasses and this Myers's Rum comes nowhere close to it. On the positive side - it does come in a lovely bottle!
- Blue Shadow, 27th January
This the only rum in my cabinet. I will not ever allow another to be in there.
- Joe, 5th January
the best dark rum in the world full stop
- big edd, 8th Dec '13
I've tried at least 40 kinds of dark rum - Myer's is the best. In Kenya and Tanzania last year I could not believe that it was everywhere - wow, what a beautiful way to relax after safari every day. I take it to my friends and it disappears in no time.
- Pete, 20th Jun '13
Best Rum in the World stocked by NAAFI's all over the World, smooth and mellow. Discovered it at RAF Gutersloh.
- Sean Cullen, 29th Mar '13
If you like the dark bitter tasting rums, this is the best rum in the world, the source of many very funny evenings the world over.
- anonymous, 7th Jan '13
isnt it funny how many servicemen like this Rum, i was also intruduced the same way, there is no other rum like it and i have tried them, i intruduced a local pub to it but the bottle did not last long, so i have to buy on line, wish it was better distibuted
- Rod( another squaddie), 10th Dec '12
1st introduced to Myers rum in 1962 while serving in the RAF in Germany, it is definately the best, but has got me into trouble on several occasions, OH!! Happy days.
- Chris Perry, 8th Nov '12
Unbelievable how people have not discovered it I introduced it to my friends & since then they love it.
- anonymous, 26th Oct '12
Discovered by my mates and me in Germany in the early seventies (squaddies of BAOR) - never looked back, made me irresponsible and daft but HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY we thrived on it and its still bringing out the worst in me (but it still makes me smile and HAPPY) :D
- Frank Delacoe, 20th Apr '11
Myers Rum, the best in world!, first time i had a drink of it was in germany 40 years ago, never tasted a rum better since, the best rum ever!!!!
- KJS South Elmsall Yorkshire., 17th Apr '11
Love the Rum! Jamaican me crazy!
- Mr. Drink, 2nd Feb '11
im from the gold coast queensland australia and i cant buy it from the local bottle o ,,,i do haveto thank meradeth for the bottle i recieved adn she has told me all the quantas staff drink i know who to ask for my next bottle.....yeaaaaa
- palm beach rum drinker, 15th Dec '10
Dad has discovered this rum and loves it. Unfortunately no one sells it in Preston Lancs. Why are we so backward here in Lancashire.
- anonymous, 23rd Nov '10
Preferred to sip Bacardi 8 years old over Myers's until a good friend served Pampero Aniversario. Talk about mellow, fellow.
- Bernd, 18th Aug '10
not available in Noa Scotia either...I'll have to wait until I get to N.B.
- Doug, 11th May '10
This is the best rum in the world, Could you have only one? I don?t think so-My best rewarda form Mexico.
- anonymous, 5th Oct '09
its here in ontario canada. I wonder why alberta doesn't have it! ....odd. try checking another local LCBO.
- anonymous, 1st Jun '09
can you ship to alberta canada? were dying here its cold and we need rum!!! im not joking meyers's rum is the best and we cant get it here why???
- Savvy, 19th Mar '09
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