Pampero Aniversario Rum

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Pampero Aniversario Rum
70cl / 40%
A delicious premium, continuous-still golden rum from Venezuela. Full-bodied and highly fruity, with a terrifically smooth, persistent finish.
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Customer rating (32 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(32 reviews)
Highly recommended. Pleasantly surprised, Venezuela's finest. Sould be taken neat to be appreciated.
- Anis, 22nd June
Probably my favourite rum at the moment and I have a large selection inc Ron zapapa and mount gay xo. A must buy in my opinion
- Dave, 25th Jun '13
Blinding rum,up there with the best for sure.
- T.bone kernow, 4th Dec '12
I am from Venezuela the price of this rum here is unbelievable I use to buy a box of it for the weekends for this price but is so good that I will paid only to enjoy the Saturdays at home now for one bottle together with cacique 500, Santa Teresa and Diplomatico
- Perez Oscar, 5th Aug '12
i'd disagree. this rum is right up there with zaya as far as style, smoothness, all around quality. it's not as much of a vanilia roundhouse to the face like zaya, but it's still full of quality and little rum hearts, aww!! but seriously... you'll love it, no matter who u are
- this guy, 9th May '12
Very good rum, though not up there with Zaya 12yr, but much better than 8yr Barcadi, and just a point or two above Pusser's
- Rob, 20th Dec '11
very goooooood.
- adrian.romanian, 18th Aug '11
A smooth well rounded golden rum with superb spice notes and a slight maple and nut brown butter over tone highly enjoyable and best served on ice (as the rum gods intended) or as a traditional 'old fashion'. I can recommend the use of 'Fee Bros. Old Fashion Bitters'
- Kaneo Boase, 7th Jul '11
Very nice, first rum I've tried neat and enjoyed! As soon as it hits your tongue there is a rich sweetness, it's just awesome! It smells beautiful too.
- Captain Dan, 24th Jun '11
Top stuff.
- anonymous, 3rd Apr '11
I am so lucky to have my family-in-law living in Venezuela, so I never go home without a bottle or two :) Too bad prices in Venezuela are rising as well, I used to buy it for 5 US dollars a bottle...
- FK, 31st Mar '11
Outstanding on ice, or straight with a slice of lime. Evaporates quickly and the flavor release on the palate is unreal. Enjoy
- the old goalie, 31st Mar '11
Very very nice rum 9/10
- mr walkin, 28th Mar '11
Superb rum. Smooth! You even get a robin hood style pouch to keep your loose change(or groats)in afterwards. First class merriment.
- D. Jones, 7th Jan '11
Truly the best rum I have ever had, very nice
- anonymous, 11th Sep '10
Preferred to sip Bacardi 8 years old over Myers's until a good friend served Pampero Aniversario. Talk about mellow, fellow.
- Bernd, 18th Aug '10
Just came home with a bottle of this purchased in Barcelona airport. Glad to know it's good stuff, I will crack it at the weekend.
- Fraser, 21st Jul '10
I had the pleasure of being introduced to this fine tasting smooth Rum last night. I like it so much i had to try and find where i could purchase it. Well i am hooked and will be ordering myself a bootle soon.
- Tetotal, 20th Jun '10
I worked in Venezuela for over 5 years and drank this rum throughout. It is one of the best rums I have ever tasted and it is great to know that it is now available in UK, although at a highly inflated cost compared to contry of origin. A rum to compete with this is Cacique 500 .... both brilliant and both well worth the investment.
- Iain Davidson, 11th Jun '10
enjoyed bottle service of this rum at a great place called lola in caracas last night - obviously it made an impression or i would not be searching for it on the web the next day...absolutely great from first sight of the distinguished, inviting bottle to the last savoring sip. will definitely be bringing some home when vacation is over.
- Steve L, 28th Dec '09
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