Ron Zacapa Centenario XO Rum Solera Gran Reserva Especial

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Ron Zacapa Centenario XO Rum Solera Gran Reserva Especial
70cl / 40%
This limited-release Zacapa XO Solera Gran Reserva Especial (in a stylish flat decanter) won Gold in the Super-Premium category at the International Rum Festival for several years after its release in 2000, and was given the Platinum award for the Super-Premium category in 2002.
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Customer Reviews:(34 reviews)
The best
- T-bone,kernow, 4th May
This is a great rum, tastes amazing with a nice cigar on a cold winters night. However for the money I feel the 23 is probably a better buy as it will satisfy on more occasions and is probably a bit easier to drink
- Simon, 14th January
The absolute benchmark for me. Considerably better than the fantastic '23', this is my 'house' favourite. Only bettered below 300 pounds by Ron Centenario 25 (similar price) or 30 if you feel flush.
- Mike Wood, 15th Dec '13
I've always been a fan of the 23yr old RZ, however, my life has now changed since experiencing the XO. I now have a stock of over 20 bottles in my house and I only drink XO. Even if guests visit my house, I refuse to give them anything but XO. They leave my house extremely pleased with my determination. I thank you XO, I love you XO.
- Robert Johal, 23rd Sep '13
Got this as a present for doing a good deed. Never heard of it. To say i am impressed is an understatement. I normally spend "good" money on scotch and bourbon... this is now on my "good" list. Risk/Enjoy/Live... cheers.
- Keabz, 22nd Jan '12
I am a premium bourbon drinker and have tried for years to find a rum that delivered the level of flavor and complexity as some of my favorite bourbons. My years of search are over. Zacapa XO Solera is really something special. It has a deep, rich copper hue. I drink it neat. This rum is very smooth with next to no burn. Very enjoyable.
- Joseph A., 17th Dec '11
This rum is amazing. It will ruin you when you try lesser rums. It has such a aroma and the finish just sits on your tongue for a while.
- Greg , 1st Dec '11
Was recommended by @thewhiskyguy and was thoroughly impressed! Such great flavour. Seriously worth getting!!
- chrischass, 14th Oct '11
This is tasty, yes, but also almost as sweet as sherry - a rum creation rather than an actual rum - try with a pudding!
- John Nimble, 8th Apr '11
God did I just died and went to heaven?.............Exquisite, Marvellous, superb!!!!!! XO is God's creation on a day of great inspiration.
- RZ, 8th Jan '11
This rum is just incredible, by far the best rum I have ever tasted and one of the best spirits I've ever had. Try it and you will not be disappointed!
- anonymous, 17th Dec '10
- anonymous, 16th Nov '10
This Rum is so special that i go on a trip every time i want to drink it. I drive my boat and anchor between the Whitestone and Throgs Neck Bridge in NY. Light up a cigar... 1 ice cube... My Rum, and I feel like a King... This is the Michael Jordan of Rums.
- anonymous, 12th Oct '10
Sad to see Diageo has altered its original "Centenario" XO designation. To my nose and palate, Diageo's new XO Solera Gran Reserva Especial offering just isn't the same decadence-in-a-bottle that Zacapa Centenario XO was.
- anonymous, 9th Sep '10
I enjoy searching out for the best tasting rum. A friend brought a bottle of Centenario XO, for me from Guatemala recently. I can honestly say, it is by far the best rum I have ever tasted.
- Rich, 1st Sep '10
A friend had me try it about a month ago. Wow the flavor and smoothness are unbelievable. I had several friends try it since and they all say its the best rum they have ever tasted.
- Dennis, 2nd Aug '10
Just to let you all no rum is given an age due to the highest aged rum in the mixture .. min for a good mix rum is 6 year to 25 .. as zacapa is aa mixture of 6- 25year blend ... but still one of the best spirits in the world
- Mitchell Rickwood (Severn Shed) Bristol, 15th Apr '10
I love this stuff. IMHO Zaya gran reserva has a better finish for my palette. If I could only choose 2 rums for the rest of my years they would be this and Zaya
- anonymous, 11th Mar '10
Double WOW. The only thing I have ever had that is close to this is Havana Club Maximo. But that is nearly 15 times the price of this. It is so very very smooth, lovely rich coffee and vanilla taste. I thought the Ron Zacapa Centenario was hard to beat - but it will leave you with flavours and a taste for weeks after.
- Martin, 1st Mar '10
My coolest roommate in college and still a great friend is Guatemalan. He always pined about Zacapa, and when I spent a few months in Guate during 2004, I gave it a try...WOW. Close your eyes; take a sip; and hear a chorus of angels. RZ will chg ur way of thinking about rum. My dad, retired Naval officer (obviously scotch man), loves RZ. When I return from Guate, dad expects from me a bottle of RZ before a hug. Try it - your palate will thank you
- GaryL, 7th Jan '10
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