Choya Sake

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Choya Sake
72cl / 13.5%
A smooth dry sake made by a famous Japanese producer with the European palate in mind. Very easy-drinking and a good introduction to the world of sake for the uninitiated.
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Customer Reviews:(6 reviews)
It's not that hard to get the umeshu if you look carefully, Jan - we've got a couple here :) We sometimes have the extra years as well.
- TWE Admin, 8th Mar '10
mark, you just said that you are Scotland, you have to a -jin for a person. Btw CHOYA makes lovely umeshu, but the good one with plums inside is hard to get in the UK
- jan, 8th Mar '10
yea i agree warmed up it is stuning im drinking it just now kampai great stuff,watashi wa scottorando desu : )
- mark, 4th Feb '10
Haven't tried it warmed, but I like the unique taste. You can really taste the rice and it has something of a grainy a texture to it. Might just be the dryness though.I like this quite a bit!
- anonymous, 2nd Jan '10
that guys a total weirdo , what can i say about this sake it is a nice tasting sake for the price a little on the strong side when warmed up goes very nice with sushi ect...
- mark, 18th May '09
"it was pretty expensive,so i went shopping at savers after and picked up some mint aussie blokes! "
- Rasha, 22nd Mar '08
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