Speyburn 10 Year Old

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Speyburn 10 Year Old
70cl / 40%
Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
Pretty much the only expression of Speyburn on the market until 2008. The 10 year old may now have stable mates but it still keeps its place as the easy drinking centre of the range. Speyburn continues to gather quiet momentum in the wake of updated packaging and 2012's shock World Whisky Award win for the 25 year old.
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Customer Reviews:(15 reviews)
This to me is a very understated malt.I have purchased a few bottles now and find this 10 yo to be very easy drinking , a light sweet speysider with a smoothe warm finish.I used to drink the Balvenie founders reserve 10yo, but since its demise for the much more expensive signature and indeed much less pleasing i have discovered speyurn as a replacement.A damned good dram without being over priced.
- R McDonald, 19th Nov '13
Inver House are very good makers of whiskey as this shows.If its to your taste you cannot fault the quality of make.
- Johnny Norfolk, 18th Aug '13
A better scotch then many that cost twice and even three times as much.
- anonymous, 22nd Feb '13
"Nose": Soft red fruits,prunes. Citrus waves. Restrained nose, but very pleasing to my senses, nonetheless. Vanilla behind all of the fruity, honeyed goodness. Speyside to a "T". "Palate": Honeyed. Light bodied vanilla, pretty sweet initially, lots of caramel, does some decent drying with a bit of oak, a small puff of smoke, very shy peat, white pepper. This isn't the least subtle of malts. "Finish": A pretty small puff of smoke and faint.
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 28th Jan '12
I keep coming back to this whisky. It's got a unique taste. Clean with a little bite. No sweetness in it. I drink it neat. Also, love the bottle. Foil wrapped. Cork top. Classic design. The cork top tells you these guys take pride in their whisky. For the money, you can't beat it!
- Sacramento, CA, 5th Nov '11
A joyous suprise to discover this at a local retailer. A bargain. Smooth and clean
- anonymous, 27th Oct '10
I tasted this single malt for the first time and really enjoyed the fruity taste. I don't care for the malts with a strong peaty taste. This one isn't strong at all. It has an all round smooth taste. Just need to find a supermarket that stocks it?
- anonymous, 12th Oct '10
Best scotch whiskey I ever tasted, now I cannot find it in the state where I live, nor in the surrounding states. What's happened. I am told it is the dealers can't deliver.
- Al AR., 10th May '10
A taste and scent of lightly smokey clover honey. I swear I have a brief vision of a summer meadow when I sip this stuff.
- Tom in Minn, 1st Mar '10
I don't like an overpowering peat taste. Scotch was meant to be made with charcoal anyway. The only reason distillers starting using peat was due to charcoal shortage during WWII. This is a very nice pre-dinner scotch and excellent for the money. Would be a good everyday dram for those of us that can't justify breaking the bank for a decent drink.
- Phil In ATL, 15th Feb '10
Personally I don't like my single malt whisky to have an overpowering taste of peat. I have been working my way through the single malt, as I don't care for blended, and this is the best I've tasted.
- anonymous, 24th May '09
If you like low peat taste for the price it is not a bad single malt.
- anonymous, 17th May '09
Not bad for the lower price in a single malt. It goes on sale often in the states in BevMO and Safeway.One of the few drinkables you'll find in a supermarket. Fruity and low in peaty taste or smell. Low to medium bodied. Smell is fruity. Somewhat smooth, tastes of pears with the skins,with some peat at the finish. Not a complex rich taste, acceptable, but forgettable.
- anonymous, 5th Jul '08
If I wanted caramel, I'd buy Cadburys.
- anonymous, 3rd Feb '08
- anonymous, 18th Jan '07
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