Springbank 10 Year Old

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Springbank 10 Year Old
70cl / 46%
Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
Blended from a mixture of Bourbon and sherry casks, the light colour of this malt belies the richness of its character. The nose has a wide range of aromas, from citrus fruits to pears and a hint of peat, while the palate shows touches of smoke, vanilla essence, nutmeg, cinnamon and the salty tang characteristic of the distillery. Picked up the top prize in its category at the World Whiskies Awards 2014.

World Whiskies Awards

World Whiskies Awards 2014: Best Campbeltown Single Malt 12yo and Under
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Customer rating (12 reviews)
Tasting Notes:
Tasting notes by Whiskyfun (Serge Valentin)

Four stars and a half

I liked the new 10 a lot when I tried it two years ago, let’s see how it evolved. I already tried it blind and scored it 88, which is very high for an entry-level whisky.

Nose: I’m very glad to report that Springbank’s style is now almost the same as it was in the 1960s or early 1970s, which the comparison with the old 5 shows well. Phenolic, mineral, waxy, briney, coastal (seashells) and farmy (‘farmyard after the rain’), resinous (pine needles)… Truly beautiful. Still hints of bitter oranges but less so than in earlier recent Springbanks.

Mouth: wow! Fat and oily, much peatier than other Springbanks, as if they had thrown a few casks of Longrow into the vatting. Peppery, salty, waxy, lemony, orangey… Just great.

Finish: long, lemony, peaty and peppery.

Comments: up up up. I don’t know if all the recent batches of the 10 are like this one but when they are… SGP:454 - 89 points.

Tasting Notes by Tim F

Nose:  Briar, pine nut, dried fruit, sesame oil.  With time more fruit emerges (raspberry, peach) along with some leafy notes.

Palate:  Very creamy mouthfeel, smoky & heathery, with honey, pepper & gentle spice.

Finish:  Restrained peppery tingle with polished malt notes.

Tim F 31/07/07

Customer Reviews:(12 reviews)
I'm currently trying to invent a device that will allow me to strap a nosing glass of springbank over my nose to allow a happier life. The whisky is fantastic, and for the money I cannot think of anything better than this. 10 mins in the glass and the whisky transforms, give it time and enjoy. It has fruit and spice and smoke, it's oily and briny. Natural colour and non chill filtered 5 star no brainer
- En robôt, 26th June
Again and again I`ma amazed about this perfectly balanced dram. Strong, sweet with hints of smoke - Springbank 10 always leaves me with a feeling of complete happiness and satisfaction.
- Boris, 28 th March, 28th March
Possibly the best 10 YO single malt for the money.
- anonymous, 31st Jul '12
Absolutely loved this...didn't last long. Very balanced, big dried fruit nose, spicey sweet palate with hints of smoke, long finish. Lots here for your money
- Gez, 5th Feb '12
Now this is a class act! A magical mix of smoke and barley, each complementing the other and neither in charge. This is how peat should be used - as a means to an end, and not an end in itself. So beautifully balanced you could hold a bottle in each hand and cross Niagara on a tightrope.
- KG, 22nd Jan '12
Oily, some peat over slight fruit. Incredibly morish and a splash of water brings out subtlety. I also get cloves and a touch of cinnamon on the palate a very satisfying dram that I have enjoyed since Iain Banks rated it his number 1 in his whisky book. Excellent!
I have a dram of this as we speak. A very complex, soft, creamy and malty palate.Some touch of orange too.
- Mikko, 30th Oct '10
This one is a food-lover's dream...easily one of the best entry level single malts.Stonking nose...oranges, cherries and a toasted nut I cant quite put my finger on..sometimes a nose will overpromise and leave you wanting, but this is great fun to drink. A bit oily and very more-ish, with a lovely colour; it just gives and gives. It's nicely balanced and great value at 46%. There's lots to pick out on the palate and leaves me with a nice, warm, satisfied feeling inside.
- C Joannou, 20th Sep '10
I tryed springbank for the first time last night a fantastic dram. its everything i love in a whisky
- Richard, 9th Oct '09
I had Springbank for the first time last night. I found it very complex in flavour and I can honestly say that I have never had anything quite like it. At first it struck me as most mysterious but after a few tastes I began to discern notes of heather, smoke, deep caramel, spice and a wisp of pepper. I sure that there is a hint of wet hound in there as well! Most enjoyable!
- Dan Maurer, 3rd Apr '09
Too dry and wine like for my pallet. At times I felt I had a dry white in my glass. Not for me but I can see what others might enjoy in it's complexity.
- davey boy, 14th Mar '09
Michael Jackson believes that Springbank is or should be in every malt lover's top 10. This 10 YO has the complexity of something closer to twice its age and the nose just keeps giving you more and more. Very different.
- James Saxon, 20th Sep '08
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