Dimple 15 Year Old

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Dimple 15 Year Old
70cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
A classic deluxe blend that has stood the test of time. Based on Glenkinchie with traces of other more northerly distilleries, Dimple benefits from an extended marrying period. Rich, smooth and complex.
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Customer rating (24 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(24 reviews)
Lovely smooth whiskey in a lovely bottle.
- Michelle , 22nd June
it s smooth very fine and rich flavour
- jk, 6th April
very sexy
- prince janu, 13th Feb '13
Picked this up recently in the US for $37, and I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of this blend. It's spicy on the initial palate, with a bit of clover honey, cinnamon and baked apple. The grain is fairly apparent, but in this case it's a positive as it's some rather good grain used, and it adds a nice creamy texture to the mouth feel. For the price, it's certainly worth a look at and I believe I will be buying another bottle of this at some point in the near future!
- cweidler, 1st Mar '12
"Nose" (undiluted): Dandelion, malt notes, apple juice and wisps of peat. I mean wisps or was that my imagination? That's how faint it was. "Palate" (undiluted): Sweet Graham crackers, some maltiness, chased by a spiciness that quicky degenerates into graininess. Also an apple cider aspect to this flavor profile. "Finish" (undiluted): The spiciness of the palate that I said turned grainy does not leave on the finish.
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 2nd Oct '11
My dad's favourite whisky and right now he deserves the best!!!! xxx
- anonymous, 27th Feb '11
the wife love it
- anonymous, 6th Dec '10
- anonymous, 6th Dec '10
very delicious like chocolate and garnious grapes .a cool drink to hang out with
- chaubey daruwala, 5th Nov '10
beautiful after taste of crisp wood burning,s lingers on the tongue ,this is indeed a fine blend of mature,s whiskies from scotland
- anonymous, 18th Oct '10
Tried it for the first time at a relative's. Quite a smooth whisky indeed. Pleasant, lingering taste with no side effects. The name Dimple is deceptive, however - I thought it was an Indian whisky! Must buy it!
- Uttambhai Mistry, Bolton, UK, 6th Sep '10
I got given this as a gift. Whilst it's certainly not bad, of the whisky I own, it's my least favourite. Very drinkable - but others are better. For a good, cheap blend I'd recommend Nikka from the Barrel; for a great cheap-ish blend go for the 1990 Sheep Dip - not perfect but very, very good indeed.
- Mr Claw, 1st Jul '10
very rich and has a wood-like after taste... the best I've tried yer
- martins, 26th Apr '10
im became a fan of it
- zeeshan khokhar, 5th Mar '10
very good to drink
- oda boubouyabou, 11th Feb '10
Buying it for someone who enjoys a good whisky
- anonymous, 4th Jan '10
my dad had this whisky during second world war. He had to put his name on a waiting list for months to get a bottle. now he s 90 and gets a bottle every birthday and christmas. They used to make a lamp out of empty bottle.
- gill, 21st Dec '09
like the smooth and flavour... best i ever tired...
- anonymous, 26th Nov '09
bought 40 cases in april 2006 for a wedding and running low now!! the best whisky ever!!
- MSN, 8th Nov '09
Maybe the finest whisky in the world
- anonymous, 14th Aug '09
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