Jose Cuervo Tradicional Reposado Tequila

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Jose Cuervo Tradicional Reposado Tequila
50cl / 38%
A pale straw-coloured reposado made from 100% blue agave and rested in white oak barrels. Only a limited amount of this rare tequila is produced each year.
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Customer Reviews:(7 reviews)
Beautiful smooth sipping tequila - drink straight from the freezer.
- anonymous, 15th Apr '13
Easy to drink, good for the price.
- Marq, 4th Dec '12
This tequila tastes like i am drinking water? (Jose Cuervo 207 anos Tradicional tequila 100% de agave)
- anonymous, 20th Dec '11
Nice and smooth tequila. Goes well with lemon-lime juice :)
- BNS, 11th Aug '11
ocho reposado is MUCH better and smoother than this one...spend ?2 more!!!
- chris, 4th Nov '10
I never thought I could acquire a taste for any tequila until I had this tequila. Great stuff!
- anonymous, 2nd Feb '10
its f***ing gorgeous, one of my favourioute tequilas by far, a gorgeous rich woody taste to it
- king dosh, 26th Dec '09
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