Don Julio Anejo Tequila

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Don Julio Anejo Tequila
70cl / 38%
Beautifully smooth, luxuriant anejo from one of the most respected producers in Mexico. Rich, distinctive and wonderfully complex, this is a tequila to savour.
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Customer rating (17 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(17 reviews)
My top choice anejo. I've noticed that Don Julio as a brand doesn't often light up the eyes of the industry types I mention it to (bar tenders etc) but for me it's clearly a better drink than most of the others they do rave about.
- Ash, 16th July
A lovely, moreish tequila. Slight bitter notes, like citrus pith (in a good way), but not at all harsh. Great sipped with a couple of ice cubes. Highly recommended. Great in cocktails too of course.
- Jim Millman, 17th February
Excellent. Great Taste. Smooth. Try it on the rocks.
I agree a very smooth Tequila...I also enjoy it straight no mixers.
- T Good, 15th Aug '13
@Carmine You would not need to pay customs charges on products imported into Italy, as Italy is part of the EU.
- anonymous, 19th Mar '12
I know for shipments to Italy, we have to pay customs fees? if you have to pay what exactly?
- Carmine, 19th Mar '12
This is easily the nicest and smoothest tequila available. Unlike the very harsh aftertaste of Jose Cuervo, this is silky smooth. It's perfect shaken with ice and served neat.
- Sampson, 12th Jun '11
Lovely stuff, really smooth. The first really nice tequila I've bought.
- anonymous, 13th Oct '10
This tequila has a slight speyside whiskey edge (minus the sweet undertones). Possibly one of the most unique tequilas i had ever tried (having worked with over 60). This makes a very unique tequila manhattan, if served perfect with a hint of vanilla sugar.
- Mike Sutton, 5th Oct '10
very good
- anonymous, 5th Jan '10
Tastes soo good I've yet to drink it any other way than a straight pour. Loads of citrus aroma and fruit flavor. Spare yourself the cost of fussy Artisnal Tequilas and savor this A?ejo.
- anonymous, 13th Oct '09
As a native mexican i have to suggest you frezzing this baby for 2 days and enjoy on its own in cognac cups.Trust me For the cost you are getting one of the bestes tastes in the tequila
- Fernando Jimenez (hampshire), 3rd Dec '08
Bought this on holiday in Mexico, having sampled many a tequila. This is my favourite!!! Keep chilled for even more delight.
- Chris, Birmingham, 16th Nov '08
Bought this in San Diego on my honeymoon. Never been into tequila before this. Makes for a great drink. Am on this site looking for Don Julio 1942 as my next bottle!
- AD (UK), 3rd Aug '08
Tried this in Merida, Mexico. Before i was never a fan of tequila as had only tried the sorts found in UK pubs and clubs. This changed my mind, like a fine whiskey it's a lovely drink
- Jeremy Vasquez, 30th May '08
a great tasting smooth tequila
- The Crown Inn, Scotland, 4th Apr '08
One of the greats in the world of Tequila.
- anonymous, 19th Jan '07
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