Mekhong Thai Spirit

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Mekhong Thai Spirit
70cl / 35%
Thai Spirit
We thought this was a whisky (it used to call itself whisky anyway) but further inspection reveals it to be a 'Thai spirit', which is distilled from around 95% molasses and 5% rice, then flavoured and coloured (thanks to for the info). So really, it's closest to a flavoured rum. Best when mixed long with plenty of ice.
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Customer Reviews:(7 reviews)
very cheap to buy in Thailand which is why many Thais won't drink it. but I love it and have consumed many bottles without ever having a hangover.
- Phil, 26th Oct '12
I learned about Mekong while deployed there from Okinawa. While in Pattaya I hung out in a small bar and drank the stuff with coke, but loved it straight up. I thought it was the smoothist whiskey I have ever had and still love the stuff. IMO, Its a great and perfect for shots. People usually buy the sizzle, and not the steak. So a local drink dosen;t sizzle like imported whiskey.
- John, 7th May '11
I love it. Makes me so happy. I don't care what the locals think. Happy juice.
- Nifer, 16th Jan '11
the chap who said the locals dont like it drink with the wrong locals. my thai friends love it
- archie sunshine coast aust, 5th Nov '10
Also contains glycerine to boost the alcohol content which leaves you with an almighty hangover.
- CB, 18th Aug '10
I bought this stuff in Thailand for about $3.50/ bottle, even the locals hates it. Paying any more is a joke.
- RollerT, 12th Oct '09
a great gift.
- anonymous, 15th Dec '08
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