Tobermory 10 Year Old / Old Presentation

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Tobermory 10 Year Old / Old Presentation
70cl / 40%
Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Distillery Bottling
The old presentation of the unpeated malt from the producers of Ledaig, Tobermory hails from the Isle of Mull and is a more gentle medium-bodied, accessible malt than its peated sister. A good aperitif malt.
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More Details:
CountryScotlandRegionIslandBottlerDistillery BottlingBottling StatusDiscontinuedAge10 Year Old
Customer Reviews:(19 reviews)
One of my all time favourites but the 15yr old sherry cask is worth the extra money
- Paul, 14th May '12
I call these kind of malts breakfast malts because it is light and refreshing and can be enjoyed any time of the day. I even detect a little raw pancake batter on the nose. Sure like many, I prefer the sherried Highland/Speysides and peaty Islays most of the time, but a young light, fruity, floral, oak cask malt is a nice change every now and again. Surprisingly mellow texture for such a young malt. Nice stuff for a low price.
- single malt fanatic in California, 5th Sep '11
Had never heard of it and didn't expect anything special at that price. I've just opened it and I find it to be a rather pleasant whisky. I have certainly tasted worse and spent double/triple that amount for the privilege.
- Shaun, 4th Apr '11
Really, really nice and easy to drink. Not like any whisky.
- Christina, 2nd Apr '11
Now that the Tobemory 10YO 40% is out of production and has been replaced with the 46.3% unchilled filter alternative im looking for a similar malt to replace it. Anyone got any ideas of what would be a very similar alternative?
- Sam, 1st Mar '11
Theres nothing wrong with it. Its simple, pleasant and easy to drink.It's somewhat faintly honeyed and floral with undertones.. of what I can only describe as "brussel sprouts" which also show up faintly in the nose as well ... though not in a bad way. There is something nice about this...I'd give it a 6.5/10.I might even prefer this to Glenmorangie 10.. and certainly over most blended stuff.
- Haseeb., 5th Jan '11
I love this Tobermory ..I was shocked at the whole nose and taste but in a good way. Really really like it.. No sherry and no peat and a really good dram!
- Simon, Cheltenham, 20th Oct '10
Could never see what pleasure there was in drinking whisky (I much prefer brandy, but only the good stuff), but am now addicted to this delightful tipple.
- Nomsk, 31st Aug '10
I was initially put off by the nose (cabbage?) of the whisky
- James, Oxford, 21st Jun '10
Read the bad reviews, but really this whisky is very smooth with some neat returns and overtones. Okay I agree it is not the ulter masterpiece of whisky, but it is great for a first time go and cheap-at least here in the good old USA.
- David, 28th Dec '09
I sampled Tobermory 10-year after an Oban 14-year, and was very disappointed. Seemed to my palate to be signally lacking in smoothness, and decidedly boring, possessing little in the way of finish.
- anonymous, 25th Oct '09
I agree entirely with D Scott. It neither had me gasping in wonder nor sprinting, green-faced, for the toilet. I rather like the chocolatey overtones, leathery maltiness and quiet allusion to the sea.
- James Saxon, 17th Oct '09
Nowhere near as good as a Jameson a Tullamore or even black bush but ton’s better than that disinfectant smelling glass of peat that tries to pass as whiskey.
- dD, 30th Aug '09
its actually quite nice if you don't like heavily peated whisky. easy to drink
- anonymous, 16th Aug '09
Doesnt get the best write up but easy to drink. Not one of the best but not one of the worst. Worth a shot in any case.
- D. Scott., 24th Jun '09
First time whisky drinkers would be put off for life. I actually think this is quite unpleasant.
- anonymous, 17th Apr '09
I've not tasted anything quite like this before. Can't put my finger on what it is. Oily, resinous, liquorice, garages.
- Kim, 10th Apr '09
Heads should roll for bottling this vile liquid. Stay away...
- anonymous, 16th Jan '09
I am enjoying a glass of this very light and pleasant whisky as I type. Could almost be classed as a breakfast whisky. Would recommend to first time malt drinkers
- Rodger Anderson, 6th Jul '08
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