Famous Grouse

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Famous Grouse
70cl / 40%
Blended Scotch Whisky
First produced in 1860 (when it was just 'The Grouse'), The Famous Grouse has been the No. 1 whisky in Scotland since 1980.
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Customer rating (31 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(31 reviews)
Lovely and Smooth .. Can't go wrong!
- anonymous, 4 days ago
I'm normally a single malt and american whisky fan and have recently tried this for the first time. At this price point, your only real options are this, White Horse and Black Bottle. IMO, all 3 are of a similar quality, the latter being peatier. It reminds me a little of white horse in that it tries to be all things to all men (floral, smooth, smokey, peatey) but I think this edges out in front. Tried a few bottles of white horse and found they differed quite a bit in quality and I understand this is fairly consistent. Easily worth 4 stars for quality at a really low price and I agree that it beats some single malts I've tasted that cost 2 or more times as much (Fettercairn, I'm looking at you).
- FM, 11th July
Very nice to see so much love for the Grouse! And, sadly, I too have to agree on the drop in quality regarding Teacher's. I bought a bottle a while ago and was stunned at the difference. Lets hope the same thing never happens to the Grouse; it really is a classic whisky with every component of good quality and good balance. Also, I believe the wood is exceptional; by that I mean the cask selection etc
- anonymous, 17th Oct '13
There is a reason this is the best selling whisky in Scotland, its got a little bit of everything, sweet, floral, citrus, smoke, cheap and most important of all it's consistant. By no stretch of the imagination is this the best whisky ever but it is a good quality blend and it gos well with a half pint of ale, what more can you ask for at this price?
- Paddy, Edinburgh, 11th Jun '13
The old standby! For when you want some decent scotch without breaking the bank.
- anonymous, 31st May '13
Good standard, affordable blend. Often heavily discounted so you can sometimes get a litre for a bargain price. I usually drink premium blends and single malts but I am happy to share a few glasses of this with friends who don't fully appreciate finer whiskies or anything peaty, particularly if they have had a few drinks already or want to mix it!
- The Colonel, 9th Apr '13
Very much a standard and widely available blended scotch. Pleasant on the nose yet i find on the mouth it's too sweet with a "sick" back taste. For the same money i would recommend Whyte and Mackay 13 which offers more complexity and is smoother in its delivery!
- Edward25, 7th Mar '13
Maybe they send something else to Turkey. It tastes OK but smells like rubber.
- Murat, 23rd Jan '13
Along with Ballantine's, Grant's and Teacher's, this the benchmark for standard blended Scotch without an age statement. There's no reason not to buy this. It's great own its own or with a cube or two of ice. As a mixer it works just as well. This is among the best sold blended Scotches in Europe and for good reason. You buy!
- anonymous, 14th Jan '13
Once saw a documentary on Windsor Castle and it showed Famous Grouse gracing the en suite bars of its private rooms. Works for me. I'd been a Dewar's fan for every day Scotch for many moons but a British friend introduced me to the Grouse and it has since won me over. More flavor & smoother on my palate.
- Frank of America, 28th Dec '12
A very good, reliable and consistent whisky (its history and popularity among scots, non-scots and critics testify to this.) I used to prefer Teacher's by a small margin, and that margin is now almost gone. Teachers, in my opinion; has declined drastically in intrinsic quality since a year and a half ago or so: and I found out that the inimitable Ralfy agrees.
- anonymous, 18th Oct '12
I really like this whisky, its very smooth but with a good flavour at the same time
- anonymous, 17th Oct '12
One of the greatest blended whiskys at this price range, mayby even the best. Very rich ja smoot.
- Jake, 7th Sep '12
The Famous Grouse is what I refer to as my "cooking" whisky and that's not meant in a derogatory sense. I always have at least one bottle in the house as well as a couple of dozen single malts. The single malts are great to savour and enjoy but Grouse is the whisky I drink if I'm intending having a few. I drink mine in a large glass with lots of ice and it slips down smooth and warming. If a bar has Grouse I won't touch any other whisky!
- Dave Urquhart, 15th Mar '12
i like & love world famouse grouse,very smooth whisky
- dipex, 10th Mar '12
I am liquor consultant tried many Malts and expensive stuff But for every day Grouse leads the way Best selling whisky in scotland and southall
- Moet, 4th Feb '12
This a nice blend and one can definately taste there are some high quality malts like Highland Park involved in this. If you're looking for a blend that is liquorice and even a bit gritty (in a good way), this is one to consider. If you like your dram to be a bit more fruity and refined, opt for Ballantine's or Grant's instead.
- Juergen /Netherlands, 15th Oct '11
I have a bottle of Grouse that used to belong to my grandmother and so far I couldn't get myself to drink. It's about 5 or 6 years old and there's only 5cl left in it. I don't know how much the air in the bottle have effected the taste, but it sure wasn't bad when I finally poured a dram the other day! It was like eating a really chewy toffee in a smoky bar! :)
- anonymous, 27th Aug '11
I have a bottle of this at home, it's a slightly different label and is bottled at 43%... anyone got any ideas why this one's stronger?
- GeorgeBerridge, 15th Aug '11
- anonymous, 25th Mar '11
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