Compass Box Peat Monster

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Compass Box Peat Monster
70cl / 46%
Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
A top-quality vatting of the peated Speysider Ardmore with some choice Islay malt, Peat Monster is never less than excellent. Pitch-perfect balance and delicious chewy complexity.
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Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Dr Whisky

Cigarette smoking through a meal of scrambled eggs, scallops, and strawberry cheescake. Pears, a bag of marijuana, cinnamon.

Sea salt, kelp, lemon cheesecake, a cloud of peat, peaches or nectarines, firesmoke.


Amazing balance from start to finish. Peat and iodine to fruit baskets then burning leaves or wood outdoors. Distinct compartments of flavour that harmonise masterfully, if all a bit too consonant, major thirds and fifths. Monstrous? Cookie monster, maybe.

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Customer Reviews:(10 reviews)
Hmmm! Baby Laphroaig...well John Glaser, PM's creator, says they are now using Laphroaig in the mix rather than Caol ila..."unless I'm very much mistaken" as Murray Walker would Say... Cetainly better Than the previous I tried 2-3 years ago...and that was great whisky by any standard...
- anonymous, 30th Sep '12
The current expression is distinctly better than the bottle I tried 2 yrs ago. It's like a baby Laphroaig, which works for me, since I find Laphroaig too overpowering.
- anonymous, 11th Oct '11
"Nose": The aromas offered up by this single malt include major smoke and peat action. Like a massive seaside bonfire that's a little out of control. "Palate": Sweet peat and malt begin this number. Smoke and seaweed appear like a Mac truck, with the high beams on, appearing in your rear view mirror at night. "Finish": You have a long, slightly dry finish of smoke with menthol, peat and heavy sea salt. Well done!
- Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews, 15th Mar '11
Rips your tongue out of your mouth and stamps on it with a big peaty boot!Lovely!!!!
- Peatran, 2nd Mar '11
I purchased this the other day, as I was in the mood for a smokey peat - and I love it, whithout even knowing about Compass Box. See : sometimes you just have to try things - now I'm an avid fan of Peat Monster !
- Sal Adelfio, 23rd Feb '11
what a great whisky its one of my top 5.a lot of peat fresh.complete whisky.
- peatapal, 16th Jul '10
Recommended by a good scotch friend, 'The Peat Monster' is a light peat with a distinct wood.. very pleasant - not the lingering of a Dalmore12 but still pleasing. Unfortunately, very light on after taste - but pleasing to offer friends..I like it...and it has some legs.
- Wayne White, 23rd Feb '10
This is a good blended malt. Attention to detail is evident. However, when compared to Islay malts, I can say it's only better than Bowmore 12. All oither standard bottlings are more interesting, but also a lot more expensive (in Ontario at least). So chances are, I will be buying it again.
- Tudval, 18th Feb '10
Not an easy whisky to drink, and I like my peat, you have to really be in the mood for it. A lot more complex than the name suggests but could very well be overwhelming for the uninitiated.I was once asked to describe this in a few words - I went for 'like being beaten over the head with a bottle of Laphroaig...but in a nice way'.
- Rob Gillespie, 28th Jul '09
Wow, I got given this bottle as a birthday present and loved it. Anyone who appreciates a full peat taste/nose will love this one. Its a cracker to quaff and even nicer to cheer oneself up on a dreary afternoon. Quite a tall bottle so did not fit on my Whisky shelf, tus it was to hand to easily and was finished in quick time.
- Richard Mann, 4th Aug '07
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