Monkey Shoulder

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Monkey Shoulder
70cl / 40%
Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
Monkey Shoulder is a mix of three different Single Malts - Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie - and is great with mixers or just on its own. Smooth, sweet and very easy to drink.
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Customer rating (85 reviews)
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Customer Reviews:(85 reviews)
An excellent scotch for the money. Same price as JW black label and blows it out of the water! Different animal than a good single malt but I will certainly buy it again
- JMFKelley, 13 days ago
- For heaven's sake, don't sully this excellent whisky with mixers. Drink it straight, with a cube or two, or little water ., 14 days ago
We enjoy single malts, a lot, and were delighted to find Monkey Shoulder in Scotland last year. This 43 % malted Scotch is very fine, worthy of any occasion and malt drinker. SLAINTE.
- Jon, 2nd September
Tried Monkey Shoulder in Glasgow yesterday for first time as the name sounded interesting. Very good blended malt. Will buy a bottle for home and share with friends.
- Carolin, 4th August
I love this whiskey.... Liking back with a Cuban, with friends on my decking.... With Luke Kelly signing about 'Dublin In The Rare Aul Times' on in the background.... Yeah that's what life is all about. Its a mood setter
- Aidan, 23rd June
Smooth, tasty and lingering. One of our favourite whiskeys in our collection.
- Lois, 22nd June
Smooth and not too assuming; by far the best scotch anywhere Larry 06/2014
- Larry Ballow, 18th June
A friend gave me my first bottle of Monkey as a thank you gift (he liked the gift cage). I have never gone back to anything else - the awesome lingering after taste keeps me coming back for more More MORE.
- The-Biz ----- Australia, 24th April
The first sip didn't taste like anything, but after leaving the glass on the table for a while opened it up nicely. Still discovering this one. Pretty bottle.
- Ruben, 17th April
sweet tasting easy to drink blended malt. I found it to be a pleasant change from the single malts oi normally buy, can wholeheartedly recommend taking this monkey for a spin
- Mac the Knife, 1st March
Originally given MS by a single malt connoisseur. A lovely discovery which I prefer to many of the single malts in my collection. Smooth, slightly sweet, pleasant after-taste - all in all a real winner for its quality and price.
- Uncle Travelling Matt, 10th January comments...just drink and fill...!!!!
- anonymous, 6th January
Younger market? I'm 37 and have tried almost all single malts. McAllen 18yr being my favorite but monkey shoulder is really a great tasting scotch whiskey for the money. The new age multiple single malt blends are really making a name for themselves. Especially monkey shoulder! At $30 it's an incredible buy
- JPFB, 6th Oct '13
Harsh, hot and simplistic compared to a nice single malt but the aftertaste is very nice and lingers well. This is typical over priced trendy nonsense that only people who have never tasted better would consider buying twice.
- Bill, 12th Aug '13
I was very impressed with the smooth character. To my mind, it has a lot in common with some of the best young bourbons; creamy, slightly sweet, and a lovely touch of spice.
- Lawrence, 9th Aug '13
Being a single malt man myself i have to agree with most other reviews this is a sweet and is as smooth on the palate as a blended malt can be will definatley buy this again
- Steve B 28-07-13, 28th Jul '13
Love this stuff, sometimes I feel I had to go few a thru bottles before I can give a good review, cos some spirits last and some become dull, but off first impressions I like this
- anonymous, 21st Jul '13
Bought a bottle in the duty free on my way to a holiday in Turkey. Excellent choice IMO. A light lingering after taste, easily enough to be very enjoyable. Dare one say almost a 'session whisky'. Certainly wont but taking any back to blightsy! Would definitely buy more.
- Duncan , 3rd Jul '13
Bought a bottle of Monkey Shoulder in my search for a quality blend that is a great value for the price. I had no idea that I would discover a fantastic scotch with a wonderful nose and a great finish! Will put this scotch up front and center of my liquor cabinet.
- Sean Green, 27th Jun '13
bought it drank it loved it. great with a cigar. 6-23-13
- anonymous, 25th Jun '13
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