Picon Club A L'Orange Liqueur Bitters

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Picon Club A L'Orange Liqueur Bitters
100cl / 18%
Orange-based liqueur with a bittersweet flavour, Picon is best served as an aperitif, but is also frequently mixed with wine, in which it tastes a lot better than you might expect.
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Customer Reviews:(13 reviews)
Since 1997 and my first visit to France, being introduced to Picon Club, my home has NEVER been without stock. The reason I am on line,this is the first time I have been down to my last bottle. Need a supplier in the UK
- anonymous, 18th Oct '11
I see that Amer Picon is down to 18% (365 proof). Oh for the grand old days of Amer Segalas, the premier Picon that had been manufactured in San Francisco since the 1860s, but unfortunately the family couldn't compete with the big distributors. They were 78 proof and better taste that the French dimishing proof version.
- Bryant, 30th Dec '10
my father was french and always returned with 6 bottles of Picon on his yearly visits to see his family. His recipe. 1 Bottle Amer Picon Club, l bottle of Vodka, 1/2 bottle brandy, l bottle of dessert wine mix altogether then return to bottle. Drink, large tumbler 1/2 full topped with Fanta orange and ice- one glass or two and thats you set for the nite.
- anonymous, 9th Oct '10
I think Club is usually added to wine and biere is added to beer. We normally have both.
- TWE Admin, 25th May '10
What's the difference between the amer pichon "club" version and the "biere" here in this catalog?
- anonymous, 25th May '10
Just back from Holiday in France where we discovered "Picon Biere", delicious! When will it be back in stock?
- Lara, 29th Jul '09
I am French and I have been looking for Picon for years. My favorite drink back in France was "Picon Biere"Please let me Know when your next shipment arrive.
- Michel Dravigny, 28th Jul '09
Please let me know when this will be back in stock! Thank you!
- anonymous, 23rd Jul '09
when will this be back in stock??
- anonymous, 9th Jul '09
I couldn't agree more with Etchemendy.
- Uhalde, 28th Jun '09
Please bring back in stock. thanks!
- anonymous, 12th Jun '09
I am part of a large American/French-Basque family that settled in the Western U.S. 2-3 generations ago. We serve a wonderful aperitif known as "Picon punch" at every family gathering. Picon, club soda, brandy, grenadine, and a twist of lemon. Delicious, packs a "punch," and a wonderful time is ensured for all. Just wish it were easier to get stateside.
- Etchemendy, 20th Jan '09
An excellent mixer; Added to whitebeer, with lemon juice. or added to a white wine.
- anonymous, 21st May '07
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