Dubonnet Red

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Dubonnet Red
75cl / 14.8%
French aperitif based on wines from the Roussillon area in the South of France, infused with a variety of herbs and spices. The blend is oak-aged for three years before bottling.
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Customer Reviews:(7 reviews)
You will be hard pressed to find Dubonnet in France. I can't understand it. There are all sorts of aperitifs at the stores but no Dubonnet. I find this absurd. We drink it all the time in Canada and I long for it when I am in France.
- Judy Kerschner, 23rd March
Not the same quality? It's the same in every respect. They don't make an American version and a French/Euro version. I have noticed some differences in Lillet from bottle to bottle, but not Dubonnet, and, in any case, such differences were random and had nothing to do with geography.
- Bill, 10th May '11
great drink, with bitter lemon
- anonymous, 26th Oct '10
I was given a bottle about 4-5 years ago. This is the smoothist Dubonnet I have ever had. Since then I have been trying to find it here in the U.S, but no luck. Yes you can find Dubonnet here in the U.S but not the same quality at all.
- Enrique, 15th Jun '10
- anonymous, 25th Feb '10
An unbeatable drink with ice. No gin required! Cant see why it is not more well known.
- edouard dunnachie, 25th Feb '09
There's something very very subtle about the blend which makes this aperitif. I happen to like it best with gin as, I believe, does Queen Elizabeth and as did her mother. Roughly 30% gin and 70% Dubonnet seems about right. I'm happy to leave out a slice of lemon. Delicious!
- Brian Anderson, 14th Jul '08
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