Ricard Pastis

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Ricard Pastis
70cl / 45%
Ricard is almost unknown in the UK, yet it is the third-best selling spirit in the world. A pastis with strong liquorice and aniseed flavours, Ricard is delicious when diluted with very cold water.
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Customer rating (6 reviews)
Customer Reviews:(6 reviews)
at last somewhere i can find pastis
- anonymous, 22nd June
As they say, pretty unknown in the UK and never managed to find it in the UK supermarket. Best to order it online. Great with ice cold water and a little ice.
- Reagan Pannell, 18th Jun '12
The best Pastis!
- anonymous, 7th Jun '11
muddy puddle all the way Ricard and tall coke x mmmm x
- scottishclaire, 28th Nov '10
need some more
- anonymous, 20th Apr '10
More refined than Pernod, a beautiful louche with ice cold water 1 part pernod to 2-3 parts ice water or another variation that is excellent fill tall glass with ice add 1.5 parts Ricard, 2 parts Schwepps lemon or similar and 1 part ice water garnish with mint and orange slice or just drink it down as is.
- Nelson Rodrigues, 20th Sep '09
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