Ricard Pastis

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Ricard Pastis
70cl / 45%
Ricard is almost unknown in the UK, yet it is the third-best selling spirit in the world. A pastis with strong liquorice and aniseed flavours, Ricard is delicious when diluted with very cold water.
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Customer Reviews: (5 reviews)
As they say, pretty unknown in the UK and never managed to find it in the UK supermarket. Best to order it online. Great with ice cold water and a little ice.
- Reagan Pannell, 18th Jun '12
The best Pastis!
- anonymous, 7th Jun '11
muddy puddle all the way Ricard and tall coke x mmmm x
- scottishclaire, 28th Nov '10
need some more
- anonymous, 20th Apr '10
More refined than Pernod, a beautiful louche with ice cold water 1 part pernod to 2-3 parts ice water or another variation that is excellent fill tall glass with ice add 1.5 parts Ricard, 2 parts Schwepps lemon or similar and 1 part ice water garnish with mint and orange slice or just drink it down as is.
- Nelson Rodrigues, 20th Sep '09
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