42 Below Feijoa Vodka

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42 Below Feijoa Vodka
70cl / 40%
Fashioned with the feijoa, a fruit grown in New Zealand. According to the marketing stuff, the taste is similar to a combination of guava & pineapple. Curiously attractive and as with all 42 Below stuff, made to very high production specifications.
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More Details:
CountryNew ZealandFlavourFeijoa
Customer Reviews:(14 reviews)
fejoa has been grown in the Caucasus (South of Russia, Georgia) for many years and it is often used locally in making spirits (there is a drink called "chacha" that is generally made of grapes but some people use fejoa or other fruit too).
- anonymous, 20th Oct '13
Feijoas are south american
- sp, 7th Feb '11
Met a New Zealand couple at my bar in Waikiki. They shared a bottle with me. We mixed it up with apple juice, 7-up and a squeeze of lemon. It was amazing. My new fav drink although I have to order it online.
- anonymous, 11th Aug '10
Discovered feijoas on recent trip to NZ and bought back the vodka.... it really does bottle exactly how feijoas taste! :) Taste great with just lemonade or with as a base for some great cocktails - 42 below website has some good ones!
- Chantelle, 13th Jun '10
sweet as! can't beat it. even better than the fruit!
- vikki uk, 1st Oct '09
Bangkok Johnny...Im sad for you.It's nothing but delicious!
- anonymous, 17th Apr '09
now my top drink of choice never tried feijoa before love it
- anonymous, 13th Apr '09
Bangkok Johnny doesn't have a very good palette.
- anonymous, 13th Apr '09
really nice with cloudy apple and cranberry juice. Tastes just like a feijoa...though they are a distinctive taste
- anonymous, 26th Dec '08
hmmm... marketing probably mentions that the other name for "feijoa" is "pineapple guava"... Granted feijoas are definitely an aquired taste, but try the fruit before you judge the vodka - as far as I'm concerned it's all good!
- anonymous, 23rd Sep '08
loved it, drank it in a bar in mandurah and it brought back the memory of an old feijoa tree we had in our yard when i was a child, awesome stuff.
- anonymous, 21st Jul '08
Agree smells like deep heat, must be trying to replicate the success of the All Blacks!!FAILS TO IMPRESS (a bit like the All Blacks!!)
- Bangkok Johnny, 20th Feb '08
very tasty with cloudy apple juice!!
- anonymous, 14th Feb '08
This is amazing stuff!!! peow peow
- Big Al the kiwi, 13th Dec '07
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