Belvedere Vodka

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Belvedere Vodka
70cl / 40%
A glorious quadruple-distilled rye vodka of extraordinary purity, Belvedere is as well-known for its beautiful bottle as for its quality. A style-bar favourite.
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Tasting Notes:
Producer's Tasting Notes

Belvedere Vodka has notes of vanilla and rye on the palate, the finish is crisp and clean with lingering white pepper spice.

It has a distinctive creamy mouth feel.

Its aromas is a blend of vanilla, rye and white pepper.

Customer Reviews:(8 reviews)
Have tried the Goose and Belvedere and all others in between - I give my money to the Queen (Snow Queen).
- anonymous, 3rd Jul '12
Year's ago a bartender recommended this brand over Grey Goose and still to this date after having tried more or less every luxury vodka brand om the market it remains a personal favourite. Best served on the rocks.
- anonymous, 18th Jan '11
Starting to increase in popularity across bars in the UK, and very similar in taste to Grey Goose. Definitely better served neat as it is slightly more complex than Grey Goose meaning I find it doesn't work quite as well in martinis.
- Johnno, 29th Oct '10
I am an acclaimed bar manager and in my opinion this is, Value for money the best vodka... No bones about it. Smooth and elegant, will take your cocktails up a notch when using this as your vodka base.
- Dean, 16th Aug '10
Don't know what Cubitus is on about but this is deffinately smoother than Stoli and Grey Goose. I prefer it to Stoli Elit...worth the money!
- Dz, 27th Jan '10
Many people say Belvedere is one of the smoothiest vodka. It's wrong. The rye makes it a very strong flavoured vodka, same as rye whiskey. If you're looking for the smoothiest vodka, it's not for you, but if you're looking for a tasty and complex vodka this is it. Best not wasted in cocktails of course.
- Cubitus, 7th Nov '09
Best vodka ever. If you have the cash and don't want a hangover buy this.
- anonymous, 29th Mar '08
- squid beak, 7th Mar '08
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