Cariel Vanilla Vodka

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Cariel Vanilla Vodka
70cl / 37.5%
A Swedish wheat vodka, triple-distilled and flavoured with a natural vanilla extract, Cariel is possibly the best vanilla vodka on the market and makes a cracking White Russian.
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Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes by Billy A

Nose: Vanilla. I know that sounds obvious but it's Vanilla with a capital-V. There's also some white chocolate and cream soda behind the initial sweet hit.

Palate: Much less sweet than imagined from the nose, with a thick mouthfeel. Darker notes, with burnt caramel, black pepper and milk chocolate, as well as lots of vanilla.

Finish: Hints of bitterness and even more sweet vanilla.

Customer Reviews:(5 reviews)
Just right for a Pornstar Martini or a few! Lush!
- Sabs, 14th Jul '13
dave said its brill, good enough for me
- anonymous, 31st Jul '11
Tastes like cream soda! And mixed with coke is just like a coke float!!! Amazing!
- Iain Geddes, 7th Apr '11
Absolute Vanilla - no comparison- Cariel reigns King over all the other vodka tried - :-)
- Colin, 10th May '08
Absolutely the nicest drink I have ever had, my poison of choice from now on.
- Kate, 5th Feb '08
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