Russian Standard Original Vodka

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Russian Standard Original Vodka
70cl / 40%
Russian Standard vodka has come from out of nowhere to grab a large slice of the premium vodka market in the UK since its launch in 2007. A more authentically Russian alternative to Smirnoff.
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Customer Reviews:(7 reviews)
Smooth and clean, I find it best served chilled.
- Reuben, 4th May
Very smooth, with what could almost be described as an initial sweetness, then it slips down without a fight. I like straight, and straight from the freezer.
- Grant Melville, Falkirk, 7th Mar '12
Very smooth stuff even at room temperature. Doesn't beat the best but does well for the price.
- anonymous, 15th Aug '11
extremely smooth vodka, ideal for mixing as a caesar.
- anonymous, 8th May '10
Probably the best buy vodka. It's even cheaper in France. It beats all the other cheap vodkas. Of course it's better used in cocktails than straight on the rocks.
- Cubitus, 22nd Sep '09
I don't know why you had a hangover from this, I've had a lot of it and always feel surprisingly well the next day. Very easy to drink, clean and delicious. Not quite as good as the old Green Mark though.
- anonymous, 10th Sep '08
the lord of the hangovers! keep away from this one!
- abramovitch, 4th Apr '08
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