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Skyy Vodka
70cl / 40%
A US vodka packaged in a distinctive blue bottle and boasting fewer impurities than any other on the market.
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Customer Reviews:(8 reviews)
first tasted skyy vodka in tj friday's then in italy i found it better than smirnoff loveley with a piece of lime and orange ,gave my smirnoff away ,taste it all you ladies out there it makes you feel special .
- sarah, 19th Sep '11
I tasted it, I didn\t like it at all, not so smooth as everybody talking, only charming bottle.
- Sam, 12th Jul '11
good value quality vodka. not as good as the premium vodka's but better than russian standard, smirnoff, absolut etc. great flairing bottle too!
- Ash, 11th Feb '11
This is a great vodka for cocktails, it's got a good flavour and isn't harsh like smirnoff or russian standard. Nice n smooth
- Gaz, 3rd Jan '11
Discovered this one whilst in America. It's all we drink, vodka wise, now. For us it is the best tasting in it's price range and knocks Smirnoff et al into a cocked hat. Not as easy to get hold of in England as we would like
- anonymous, 15th Dec '10
I have to disagree with the other reviewers here. Skyy has long been marketed as a premium class vodka in the Smirnoff/Absolut price category. After trying it recently however, the reason it's in this category is because it tastes just like them. I'd say it's definitely worth paying the extra pence for Ketel One, Grey Goose or Belvedere.
- Johnno, 29th Oct '10
As a vodka lover I have tried many brands but nothing come close to this.This has a far superior crisp clean cut taste than any other. This leaves brands like grey goose in the dark.For its price and flavour this is more than great value for money. I have heard that the makers of it intended it to be as calorie free and as pour as possible. I drank more than may far share of this one night and woke up feeling amazing... hang over free.
- anonymous, 17th Dec '08
The best vodka in its price range by a long stretch in my opinion, very smooth and easy to drink.
- anonymous, 3rd Apr '08
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