Starka Polish Vodka

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Starka Polish Vodka
50cl / 50%
A Polish rye vodka with the distinction of having been aged for around ten years in oak barrels, giving it a highly complex flavour.
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Customer Reviews:(12 reviews)
Just had 10 year old Starka...GREAT... I am more of a whiskey/ bourbon drinker so this was a special treat..nice Smokey oak taste!
- Stan Jarzabek, 8th Jun '12
Starka, originally was made in Poland when a child was born. It "WAS" flavored with apple leaves and a bit of lime. It was then buried in the ground until that child got married. It was opened on the day of the wedding.
- Rick, 5th Mar '12
Anonymous: here?
- TWE Admin, 17th Oct '11
where can I buy this?
- anonymous, 26th Jun '10
no the film was "company business"
- anonymous, 18th Mar '10
heard of it in "white nights' - a film starring gene hackman. had to try it.
- anonymous, 23rd Nov '09
I tried the 18 year old version. Best thing I've ever tried...
- Hagasophia, 31st Aug '09
I had it on the rocks at my pal in London. Nice thing, really better than many mediocre whiskys:)
- Bellefranc, 2nd Jul '09
Definitely worth to taste. Poetry! Better then whisky that's for sure. But not for drinks - just for small glasses.
- pawl, 1st Jan '09
i actually haven't tasted it yet. But I wish to point one thing: Starka is not flavored Vodka but Aged Vodka. It ages in oak barrels for 10, 18, 25, 30 or 50 years which makes it the longest aging of all spirits.
- anonymous, 25th Aug '08
Best Vodka tasted. for authentic tradition and best flavor, drink clean. amazing aroma and flavor. Tom Clancy writes about Starka in his books and it is amazing. bought two bottles when i was in Poland wish i bought it in the case. it is strong but because of the complex flavor, it is not hard to drink. It does not taste like other vodkas but it is an absolute must for anyone who wants to try something exotic and good.
- Jason Thomas [email protected], 9th Jul '08
Xlnt value; smooth with smokey/fruity/oakenfinish. Sip with/without ice.Not well mixed...serve chilledor room temp in medium shorttumbler. Pause between servings; allow for kick!
- Indiana Solo, 19th Dec '07
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