Tanqueray Sterling Vodka

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Tanqueray Sterling Vodka
75cl / 40%
From a company considerably more famous for their gin, Sterling benefits from the same meticulous attention to production detail. A top-quality vodka.
Not Available This product is currently out of stock. when this product is available.
More Details:
CountryUnited KingdomTypeWheat
Customer Reviews:(8 reviews)
Tanqueray sterling hands down the best of the best !!!
- Capt.Brian J. Burlarley, 6th Jun '12
Este siempre me ha parecido un Vodka de primera lĂ­nea, lo tome por primera vez en el 1993 y de verdad lo he buscado en muchos bares y casi nadie lo conoce. Pero sigue siendo mi Vodka preferido
- Peter Amos, 30th Jun '11
You can not compare with any vodkas for the price, it leaves grey goose standing { well it is french }
- Micky Mouse, 10th Oct '10
hi first timer for tanqueray vodka hope i injoy hered a lote of good think about it
- anonymous, 6th Mar '10
Very good mid range vodka. Very smooth and drinks well neat, but lacks the flavour of the higher end vodkas. Its like the difference between night and day compared with mainstream brands like Smirnoff!. One of the best in this price range.
- anonymous, 22nd Dec '09
The best vodka I have ever tasted. This product is distilled again in a copper pot still after the initial continuious still distillation. Infact this product comes from Scotland not Sweden as stared in the review above.
- anonymous, 15th Dec '09
this is one of the best vodka's!!! my fsther worked for diageo and i was the only student to permanently have a bottle in my daigs!!!
- melaniesunflower, 2nd Dec '09
Simply superb vodka! We finished whole bottle with my uncle and began desperately looking for one more. Smooth, easy to drink, with no signs of hangover the next morning whatsoever.
- Aleksej (Latvia), 27th Oct '09
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