Ultimat Vodka

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Ultimat Vodka
70cl / 40%
Formerly the most expensive vodka on the market, the quality of the spirit is very good and the handmade cobalt blue crystal bottle is pretty special as well.
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More Details:
CountryPolandTypePotato, Rye & Wheat
Customer Reviews:(8 reviews)
Recently tried at a Patron tasting and I can honestly say as a person who hate's drinking vodka straight this vodka is beautiful, ignore the price tag, you pay for quality with this item.
- Dominic, 2nd Feb '13
I thought this was over-rated but it's pretty Good. Not as clean as I'd expect but no need for a mixer. This is Good.
- GoodGuyGreen , 15th Dec '11
the best one!!!
- anonymous, 7th Jul '10
i agree the best vodka ive drank. really smooth. i read it was better than grey goose and they were right
- anonymous, 13th Jan '10
one of the smoothest vodka's i'v ever tasted, anyone who says different obviously does not know what they are talking about. I found it best served chilled strait up. Blows Grey Goose out of the water
- Andrew, 12th Apr '09
Bought it for the bottle...turned out that was the only thing that was good about it. The cherry flavoured one was better...probably because the cherry taste masked the taste of the vodka.
- anonymous, 29th Sep '08
excellent vodka! shame it is not as good marketed as other luxury spirits
- anonymous, 4th Apr '08
overpriced cleaning fluid!
- anonymous, 24th Mar '07
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